Watch & Pray News Special Edition

Chapter 1
What is God Saying to America?
What's God Seeing & Saying? How Does God deal with Nations?
Prophetic Insights to help change a nation.
(Message from 2011)

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1 Message, 3 Video Chapters
Because we have so much important information to share with you,
we have divided this video into 3 Chapters.
Part 2A

Chapter 1
America: What does God see?
+ A Biblical Perspective
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2
What is God Saying?
& What's Coming?
Part 2C
Chapter 3
What is God's Solution?
What can you do?

What is God Saying about America and to the Church?
Chapters 1-3 cover:

• Two Paths...
• WHY: State of America – what does God see?

What is God saying to America?
• Biblical Perspective – how God deals with nations in great sin?
• Prophetic Sequence – What's God said, what’s happened & what’s to come?
• Economy, Natural Disasters, Enemy Attacks & War?

• What is God’s Solution and Instructions for America?
• What is God saying His Leaders & Church must do?
• What YOU can begin to do now to help change the course of America!

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