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Shekinah Today E-News: How Will The Great Awakening Begin?
Published: July 22, 2010

How do we, the Church, change the course of America?
How do we restore the economy and heal our land?
How do we bring the Great Awakening we so desperately need?

Right now, God is speaking to His Church and showing us how these will come. Will we cooperate with Him? God's waiting on His Church and His leaders to rise up and lead this nation!

God's Prophetic Cry To His Church Regarding The Great Awakening!
The following is a powerful word that came during a time of intense prayer and intercession.
We captured the raw heartbeat of this on audio! Cindy introduces this important prophecy, and gives some final thoughts. The transcribed version is also below.

A MUST HEAR from July 12!
Play Video:
with Cindy's intro or without intro (right to it!).

How Will The Great Begin?

We are asking everyone to please take a moment to LISTEN to this VERY Important Word, then prayerfully SHARE it with every Pastor and christian you know.

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We Will Be Held Accountable
God is counting on us, His Church, to wake up and seize this moment as our nation hangs in the balance. What we do or don't do, as His Leaders and People will determine the course of this nation – either the Greatest Awakening ever seen or the collapse and destruction of America. We cannot stay silent, as we will be held accountable!

Requires 3 Keys Elements
The 3 Keys to begin change are Unity through Humility, Repentance, and Prayer – all implemented on a massive scale. ALL 3 must be included. These are all part of the Biblical Solution to healing a nation, as mentioned in 2 Chronicles 7:14, and the 3 keys of the National "Pray, America! Pray!" Campaign. See an overview of this important message.


God's Way to Begin The Great Awakening
July 12, 2010 – Cindy deVIlle

God is calling the Pastors to their knees.
He's calling the five-fold ministry to their knees.
To their knees, to their knees.
In Repentance, in Unity, in Humility, in Humility.
Then we will see the Glory of God come upon the Church.
Then we will see the Glory of God come upon the nation, come upon the nation.

God is waiting, God is waiting on His leaders,
God is waiting upon the leaders in His house.
He's waiting upon the Five-fold ministry.

We will see such a Great Awakening across this land.
We will see the power of God and His Mighty hand.
But it must begin with the Five-Fold Ministry.
And God is calling them to their knees, in Repentance, in Prayer, in Humility, in Unity.
And it will flow from the Pulpits to the Pew.
And then it will flow like a massive river to the multitudes.
It will sweep across the land, greater than we have ever seen.

"There is NO OTHER WAY!" says the Spirit of God.

"For I am showing My Church, I am showing My leaders how to bring a nation to Me.
How to bring a nation to Me. How to bring this nation back to Me.
How to bring America to her knees in Repentance, in Prayer, in Humility.
I am telling you and I am showing you how to bring America to Me."

And the Spirit of God would say "Will you cooperate with Me?
Will you do it My way?" says the Lord, "or will you insist on your own ways?
Your ways which have brought forth nothing.
Your ways which have brought forth no fruit.

Embrace," says the Spirit of God, "My ways.
Embrace, open your ears and hear, hear what I am saying to you,
And DO what I am asking of you.
THEN you will see Me move," says the Spirit of the Most High.


How do we do call for "National Repentance" on a massive scale?
How do we get a nation's attention?
Does God have a plan and strategy to do this?
See the "Pray, America! Pray!" website for these answers and more.

Other Leaders Hearing God's Heart!
It's encouraging to see other leaders also hearing the heart of God and the need for "National Repentance." See recent videos below. Also others such as Cindy Jacobs are calling for massive prayer for a Great Awakening. It's time for us to "Pray, America! Pray!"

vVdeo 1 Video 2

Other Leaders seeing the urgent need for National Repentance and a Great Awakening!

Special Ministry Need & Request:

Need: We are needing Media and Video Equipment (video, audio, cameras, lights, hardware, software, and a studio) to produce regular videos and do web casting to get God's word out to the Church and America.

Request: If you or someone you know can help by donating Media Equipment, please email us at media@shekinahtoday.org, or if you can help by making a financial donation please click here. Thank you so much!


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