In 2015 we believe God is calling His people and His Church corporately into greater things, into higher places with Him and into the greatness we are destined for as His Glorious Church (Eph 5:27). As we respond to this call to greater things it will prepare and position us for a great transition and shift that is coming. As God’s people, we must be ready.

We believe these things also align with the Four-Blood Moons, with the last one being this fall during the Feast of Tabernacles (September 28). It is also said that the last blood moon will be a “Super-moon” and seen predominately in Israel/Jerusalem. We believe this is very significant, since God said to watch Jerusalem for the key timing of coming great glory and judgment.

A Call to Greater Things! 
What does this mean?  What kind of greater things are we called to and what will be required of us in the days ahead? We believe this year and the years ahead of us will place a great demand on the greater one within us (Christ within us, the Hope of Glory). In preparation, God is calling us deeper into His presence and into His Glory! Following are 7 key areas we believe He is calling us all up higher in, that we might reveal His Glory in the Earth!

1. A Greater Knowledge of God
Scripture tells us that those who know their God shall be strong and do exploits! (Daniel 11:32b) As God’s people it is critical that we hear and respond to the call to draw in very close to Him at this time. We need to know Him, His word and His ways for these intense days. We must come to know Him greater, as both a loving Father and also as an all consuming fire, for He is both of these! We must come to know Him as a just, righteous and Holy God, and yet understand that He is rich in mercy!  What is so amazing is that God in all His greatness and power calls us His friends and invites us to come in close and commune with Him! What an Amazing God we serve!

2. A Greater Surrender and Obedience
God is calling us to greater surrender and obedience, to His Word and His Spirit. Imagine an army where the soldiers obeyed commands only when they felt like it or when it was convenient.  Chaos, confusion, deaths, and ultimate defeat would be the result of this. Obedience is not legalism, but rather wisdom, an outward demonstration of our love for Christ, and the secret to great victory! This call for complete surrender and obedience will be especially strong on those leading God’s people because they are called to lead the way. In John 14:23 Jesus said if you Love Me, you will keep My Words. Then, in Luke 6:46 Jesus offers a rebuke, saying ” why do you call Me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do the things which I say?”   He then proceeds to share the painful cost of disobedience.

3. A Greater Purity
God is calling for a greater purity –  in heart, in motive, in life and in ministry! Many Christians want to see God do great things in and through their lives, they want to see His Glory revealed. He is saying, “you must consecrate yourselves, repent,  and remove the unclean things, the things that pollute your hearts, minds, and lives.  As the Church we need to allow the Spirit of God to carry out an internal investigation of our lives, and allow Him to separate the precious form the vile things. It’s time to come clean and prepare for greater things! In Joshua 3:5 He tells the children of Israel to Consecrate themselves because tomorrow God will do wonders among you! This is His word for us today! Get Ready (see a Great Visitation here)

4. A Greater Courage
In 2013 the Lord said this would be a Time for Courage. We can confirm that for us as a ministry, personally, and for many others in the body of Christ that is exactly what it has been since 2013. Our faith has been on trial! We believe this will continue to be true and even more so in the days ahead. This message will be critical for us as Christians to remember. See it here, and keep this in mind as we proceed into 2015 and beyond. The truth is we will not have the courage or the faith we need unless we have come up higher in the 3 previous areas listed – our knowledge of God, in obedience, and in purity.

True Courage 
The true courage we need as God’s people in 2015 cannot be born out of pride or the fleshly desire to win, but must be born out of a brokenness that we find on our knees as we pray and intercede for the lost and the deceived.  It must be born out of God’s love for a lost and dying world.

5. A Greater Faith
The days ahead will put a much greater demand upon our faith.  We believe God is calling the giant killers and the mountain movers to the forefront. David was a giant killer, but first and foremost he was a worshipper. David had been with God and this was the secret to his courage and faith. He didn’t cower down, or water down his words. He didn’t run from the giant or the battle, but instead ran to the giant declaring this day I will have your head! David knew God was with Him and that God was greater than any giant he would ever face.

God wants to do Great things in the earth because He is a Great God. We are His body in the earth and He needs us to believe and come into agreement with Him and His Word. It is amazing what Jesus had to say about the power of faith. It is also interesting to note that Jesus himself could do no mighty works in some cities because of their unbelief. Faith in God and His ability is a powerful force that can move mountains. Just as God used Moses to part the Red Sea and bring Pharoh, King of Egypt to his knees, God is needing someone to believe, that all things are possible with God. This is the kind of faith we will need in the days ahead.

6. A Greater Wisdom and Discernment
God’s word clearly warns us that in the last days there would be great deception (Matt 24:24). Therefore God’s people must know and cling to His word, because it is truth that will expose the darkness and deception and keep us walking in the light. For His word is a lamp unto our feet and light unto our path. We will need the wisdom of God and the leadership of the Holy Spirit who will give us the discernment we need in these last days. II Corinthians warns us that Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. Therefore we must be discerning, and cannot make judgments based on mere appearances, as they can be deceptive.

7. A Greater Love 
The greatest of all these things we have mentioned is Love (I Corinthians 13). God is calling us all to a greater love for Him, for the lost, the deceived, and for all humanity,  a love so great that we are willing to sacrifice so that others may be saved. A love so great that we are willing to pray, and to speak the truth, even if it means we will be mocked, rejected, and slandered.  Jesus, to the end spoke the truth, even as they crucified Him, because he knew it was the truth that would set them free from the lies of the enemy. It was through His unending love and sacrifice that salvation was made possible. It is this kind of love that God is calling us to. It is this kind of love that has the power to bring nations to their knees.

This is a time to cast aside all religious and self righteous pride and get on our knees as God’s people, repent and pray, and pave the way for the Spirit of God to break through and into the hearts and souls of our nation.

A Final Word
God is calling us and empowering us all to Greater and higher things in 2015. He is calling us to rise up and be Glorious in the earth – His Glorious Church. As we respond to this call we believe we will see His Glory revealed in our lives, our families, our churches and our nation! So Get Ready!