A New Day is Dawning! God is preparing a people to arise and shine gloriously in these end-times! Isa. 60:1-3

God spoke in 2009 what we will be seeing.
“Days of Wonder and Days of Dread…ahead.” See the full word here.

The Lord has also said that the key to the timing of all these things happening is…Jerusalem – “Watch Jerusalem.” This may relate to what the UN is trying to do to with God’s city, Jerusalem. Possibly foretold in Psalms 83.

And America…


Like the TITANIC America has been on a collision course leading to destruction. In our book God’s Answer for America – we highlight why, and share how with God’s Answer we can begin to change everything. These past few years many of God’s people and leaders across America began to embrace and implement God’s answer and solution, some by reading our book and others implementing the biblical truths from God’s word. This is why we believe we are beginning to see a significant change in course.

1. A Turning Has Begun – Titanic
The prayers of God’s people have caused a SHIFT – the beginning off a course correction. This “shift” has brought a significant change in our nation’s leadership, as well as stronger support for Israel. Although, some people are still wondering how God could use someone like Trump. God is saying “TRUST ME.” We also point back to what we shared in our Blog last September 2016, Can Trump Make America Great Again?”

2. Divine Alignment
We believe this is a time of divine alignment on many levels and that God is confirming this in many ways, even speaking to us through numbers. We find ourselves in the Hebrew year of 5777 which we believe significant. It’s also interesting to note that Donald Trump will be 70 years, seven months and seven days old on his first full day in the White House (that’s also 777).  Also, interesting for us, that all last year we were constantly seeing aligned numbers such as 1111, 222, 333, 444, and 555. We believe these things only confirm what God is saying to us regarding alignment.

ALIGNMENT FOR CHANGE! Much Prayer has led to a Cyrus/Trump being placed in position to help God’s people facilitate the dramatic change that our nation needs in both the natural and supernatural realms. We believe God is aligning and setting everything up to turn America back to Him in a Great Awakening and Reformation and redeem all that has been lost. If we are going to see the nation on it’s knees in a Great Awakening, it has to begin with us, God’s people from the Pulpit to the Pew, then to the multitudes.

The battle for the heart and soul of our nation continues, therefore the intensity of prayer must continue! Having the right person as President is just the beginning and will help facilitate what God is preparing to do. As God’s people we must push through in prayer because there will be resistance from both spiritual and natural forces as God begins to uproot, cleanse and deal with the corruption, and status quo in our government. Political Revolution is really an outcry for things to change – in the natural. What God wants is an awakening and revolution in Churches all across America that will bring the complete change we need. He continues to tell us that this is a time of preparation and visitation in His house. He is coming to cleanse, purify and prepare His Church to arise. These are the things we believe we will begin to see as we move into 2017.

As mentioned in our previous ENews regarding Donald Trump, he seems to have great tenacity to fight through opposition. This quality can be used for good in bringing about God’s plans for our nation, but only if God’s people continue in prayer, as watchmen on the wall.  We believe the effectiveness of a Trump Presidency and administration will be in direct correlation to the prayers of the saints. As God’s people pray – the Lord will give President Trump and his administration the grace and wisdom needed to align with God’s people to bring the depth of change we must see at every level in our nation. We believe this will include a “New Declaration of Dependence Upon God” as outlined in Chapter 26 of our book, God’s Answer For America. 

As a nation, we may have to tread through some rough waters initially, as change does not always come easily. What God is saying is: Don’t be moved or disheartened by what you see day to day,  just continue to pray it through – TRUST ME – to do what I have promised you! Your prayers (pure, passionate, persistent) will release the power of My Spirit and My angels to move and assist in battle in both the spiritual and natural realms, and victory will come!

3. “Repent & I Will Relent”
God’s Word to America and her leaders is: “Repent, and I Will Relent.” 

A week after the election, the Lord spoke to Cindy, “I need you to warn them for Me. I need you to warn My nation and to warn My people.” That same day her daily Bible reading happened to be Ezekiel 33 that speaks of the importance of the watchmen/prophet warning the people of what’s coming, and that the watchmen would be held accountable if they didn’t warn the people.

Then the Lord reminded Cindy of what we shared this past June, that God was saying “You cannot just promise them a Great Awakening, you need to warn them what’s coming, if they do not turn and change their ways.” We must have a national repentance in a “New Declaration of Dependance upon God” (as mentioned above). And has we have shared in the book and website – national repentance must begin with the Church, especially the pulpits of America leading the way. (see: God’s Answer for America Chapters 5 and 6: “America, a Prodigal Nation” and “The State of the American Church”)

What must we repent for?  

National Repentance for:
1. Rejecting God and His ways in the Public square, our schools, Government, laws, and legislation. This has allowed evil to come in and prevail. There must be a restoration of Honoring God, for the Bible and Prayer in all these areas.

2. The Flood of Sin and Perversity undermining the foundations of our nation (including traditional marriage). Rampant fornication, adultery, divorce, homosexuality, and the forceful acceptance of the LGBT perverse lifestyles. Biblical values and Traditional Marriage (One man with one woman) must be restored.

3. Great Greed and corruption weaved throughout Government and business of our nation. These must be exposed and root out.

4. The Flood of Blood – over 55 Million aborted babies blood is crying out for justice. This issue alone will bring devastating judgment upon our nation (blood in our streets) if not repented of and stopped—quickly – nationwide.  America’s greatest debt is not a financial accounting but the accounting for the flood of innocent blood shed— over fifty-five million human lives aborted! God requires there be an accounting,  a day of reckoning (avenging), for the murder of each and every innocent unborn child. (For more details, see Chapter 5 “America — a Prodigal Nation)

What is coming if America does not repent from the above, was also highlighted in out book God’s Answer For America, Chapter 11 – “What’s Coming Next, If…?” This included:
• Economic Collapse
• Greater Natural Disasters
• War and Blood in the streets (Civil War, Terrorist/Enemy Attacks & Invasion)

4. Titanic – Prayers will lead the way
Like a Rudder on the ship – how much Prayer there is will determine the direction of our nation. Pray for our President and Leaders. Pray for a genuine repentance and for a “New Declaration of Dependence upon God” be declared from Washington D.C.

The good news is God is moving! And we believe America will eventually return to God on her knees — and Old Glory will see a New Glory!

God Wants to Make the Church Great Again!
President Trump wants to “Make America Great Again” — God wants to “Make the Church Great Again” which will greatly impact America! America becoming truly Great again all begins with the Church, rising up and taking her place.

Biblical Parallel Note:
Many view our 45th President – Trump like a Cyrus (Isaiah 45). Interestingly early on Cyrus helped facilitate God’s people to rebuild the House of God – we believe God is doing the same now.

God has an end-time plan and destiny for America.

God has an Divine end-time plan and destiny for His Church!

God has a Divine Destiny for YOU!
See “Discover Your Divine Destiny” Message here