God is saying:
In the days ahead, no one, no one will be able to stand alone in His Body.
In days past there have been ministries that have been able to stand alone.

“There is a Decree going forth from My Throne.
And it is a Decree, Proclamation, and a Call for Unity in My House, says the Lord.
Unity in My House, Unity in My House, says the Lord.
For no one will be able to stand alone in the upcoming days,
For My Body, My People, My Church, they shall need one another to stand in these last days.
They shall need one another.
They shall need each other.

There have been those who have said, ‘No I can do it alone,
I don’t need my sister and my brother, I can do it alone, I have God.’

But there is a decree going forth from the throne of God, and the Spirit of God is saying:
“You cannot do it on your own. In the days ahead, the days ahead says the Lord.

In the days ahead, says the Lord, My Body will come into unity,
She will see how great her need is to function as one.
For I am the head, I am the Head, says the Son of God.
I am the Head of My Church and I am doing a work,
And I am bringing all the pieces together, and there will be unity in My House, there will be unity.

For those who stand alone, they will not be able to stand, says the Lord.
So by My Spirit, in the days ahead there will be a coming together, a coming together of My Body.
For they will need one another.
They will need each other to function and to flow.”

Then this song came:
“If they want to grow, they must come together.
There is a Decree going forth.
It’s time for Unity, it’s time to become One.
That the Son may be glorified.
That the Son may be lifted high.
It’s time to become One, so the work, the work can be done.
It can’t be done until your One.
It can’t be done until your One.
One Body. One Body – that will rise up in the earth.
One Body. One Body – My Glorious Church.

For I have a work that must be done.
It’s time for My Church to become One.
It’s time for Her to rise up and Run.”

God is showing me, in the days ahead the Church will need one another,
To be able to do what God’s called them to.

I see this battlefield and these soldiers are fighting, they are in trenches, and somewhat scattered.
Then I hear one saying “over here, I need water, I need water.”
Then another saying “over here, I need medical attention, I need…”
And I see the troops running to help one another.
One soldier is running water over to another in need
And another is running to help heal a soldier’s wounds,
They are all helping each other so they can all stay strong, because the battle’s long.