Preface: During a time of prayer last week I saw the following vision….

A Vision: It seemed God was standing above the circle of the earth and both of His arms were lifted high, straight up above Him and in His Hands was a massive two-edged sword. The sword was pointing straight up. I could tell by the way He was standing that He was getting ready to swing it down to the earth with great force. Then, I saw Him with tremendous force and might swing the sword straight down onto the earth, and when He did this it caused a great divide – a great separation. It was not a natural or physical divide, but rather a spiritual divide.

Then this word came…(below are parts of it)
“There’s a Great Sword – it is about to go forth throughout this land.
A Great Sword – its the Sword of the Lord, in the hand of God…
It will separate, it will divide, it will cut deep, it will cut wide,
And I will know who is on My side, says the Lord.
I will know, I will know, I will know.

Like Gideon’s army I will whittle away.
I will cut away, I will separate, those that are truly mine….
My Mighty Sword…It shall go forth throughout this land.
My Mighty Sword…in My hand, in My hand….

I will separate and I will divide, and I will draw those who are mine close to My side.
[These] words will separate and divide, that which is unclean and that which is divine.
That which is of Me. That which is of Spirit, and that which is of flesh
That which is from above, and that which is from beneath…
Separating the precious from the vile.

Those that remain I will bring great unity,
For they are of one heart and that heart is mine.
Their hearts are fixed upon Me.
Those are the ones I will use to reveal My glory.”