“Surely the Lord God does nothing Unless He reveals His secret counsel To His servants the prophets.” —Amos 3:7

This provides global context to what God has been speaking to America. It also reveals some prophetic understanding to what has been happening globally since 2008. Right now God is working in all the nations to bring about His plans and purposes.

God Speaks To America and the Nations.

This prophetic sequence began in 2007 during a time of prayer with the following vision and prophetic word. Although these may be very serious in nature, as with many biblical prophecies of warning, they also carry with them a ray of hope.

1. Vision: “Judgment Is Running”

Late November 2007 through Cindy deVille

It all began a couple days after thanksgiving in 2007. During prayer with Darrel late one night, I sensed a great weight of God’s presence. Then I had a very intense vision that left me stunned and speechless for some time. The fol‐ lowing is what I saw and heard…

I saw four horses running, and they seemed to be overtaken by a great zeal and fury. I did not see the color of the horses; they may have been white, but I am uncertain. They were pulling a chariot and someone was driving it but I could not see who it was.

These four horses were running all out as if in a fervent race to get to America and the nations of the earth. It was terrifying as I could feel a fierce wrath and judgment coming as I saw them. I could literally hear the hoof beats and all the sound effects as if in high definition; they were very, very close, almost here. As I saw and heard this, a dread and fear came over my spirit like nothing that can be explained or described. It took my breath away.

As I witnessed this I could hear the Spirit of God and I spoke as if a great weight was on me: 

Judgment is coming, judgment is running.
Judgment is coming, judgment is running.
It shall be swift, it shall be sure.

I could feel it; I could hear it; I could see it. Then I looked down, and God showed me there would be bloodshed and war in the streets. Blood would run in the streets of America.

I was overwhelmed by what I experienced and could not speak for some time. Since this vision we have been praying and crying out to God for our nation and know we must share what God has been speaking and showing.

Scriptural Note: In relation to this chariot vision of white horses, it’s inter‐ esting to note that Zechariah 6:1–8 speaks of chariots coming out from God’s presence and running to the earth. The prophet Zechariah describes the chariot with white horses as going west. And as we all know, American is part of what is called the “Western world.”

Since then
We have witnessed the world shaking economically, and a significant increase in history making natural disasters and earthquakes and the increase of global calamity, uprisings, and wars. These will continue to escalate.

2. “America, America!” Vision and Word

December 5, 2007 through Cindy deVille

Then about two weeks after the “Judgment Is Running” vision came the pow‐ erful and compassionate cry from the heart of God we call “America! America!” As we have seen, God was warning America that she was in great sin and that if the nation did not repent from her destructive ways and turn back to Him, three things would begin to happen.

Since then Two of the things God spoke of began to unfold in the news within months; the third is yet to come if America continues on her current path. We will reveal more specific things about these warnings in the chapter 11 of our new book  book “God’s Answer For America!”

A Prophetic Link
If you read closely in the “America, America!” prophecy, you will see a link to the previous “Judgment Is Running” vision. Judgment is coming, judgment is running. Judgment is coming, judgment is running. It shall be swift, it shall be sure. —“Judgment is Running” vision and prophecy

If you will not heed My warnings, My judgments must come.
They will run, they will be swift and sure indeed.
They shall be swift, they shall be sure; who can endure.
“America, America!” prophecy

Both these prophetic messages were just a couple of weeks apart and linked.

3. “Shifting Economies” (Global) Word

December 13, 2007, through Cindy deVille

Then eight days later, December 13, while in prayer came a word called “Shifting Economies.” God spoke of coming global economic shiftings and storms, along with great market swings:

Economies, they will shift and they will turn,
One day, one way; another day, another way,
Shifting sands, shifting, shifting.

All that they have trusted in, it shall shift, it shall spin
Till no one knows the way.
To all the experts they will turn, and nothing will be learned.

For I will shift and I will turn

[the economies].
Like a drunkard it will be unstable, unsettled, uncertain.
All things shall seem to come undone,
Till the whole world knows I AM the only One.

God then went on to say some very encouraging things He would do for and through His people (those close to Him) in the midst of the economic storm. Also He said that a shift was coming as He lifts His people up. You can see how to access the full the word “Shifting Economies” here.

Since then
We saw this begin on September 29, 2008, with a record stock market drop followed by numerous wild market swings, as described in this prophecy. This has all resulted in global economic shifting and shaking that continues today.

This revealing prophetic sequence is also part our new book “God’s Answer For America!”