God is saying “This is a Time for Truth.”
The Church needs to release like never before – Truth.

In this nation, America, so many are confused in their faith. Most of them are not God-haters. They acknowledge there’s a God. Many of them believe in Jesus, but they are confused in their faith, and it’s due to a lack of Truth being sent forth. Sound doctrine, sound truth. Many voices are bombarding them, and we, as the Church in America need to reach them.

This is why God has extended mercy up our nation, to give them time…
Our nation is not abandoning God, there are some, but we are like a nation drifting at sea, unsure of what we believe.

God’s saying
“They have a faith in Me, but their faith must be grounded in truth.”
There are many lies and much deception.
This is a time for Truth.
God is going to be raising up Ministries.
Strong ministries that are going to send forth Truth.

“Sound doctrine, strong foundations.
Your going to see them come up in this year and in years following.
A turning back to the foundations of the Faith.
A strengthening of the foundations.

When this is done and as this is happening
You’re going to see a nation strengthened.
A nation no longer wandering to and fro, wondering which way to go, which voice to believe.
So many are just looking for truth.

A return to the foundations – then you will see a strong nation.
This charge is for the Church.
This is what the Church must do.
She must send forth the word of Truth.

The Church must strengthen her own foundations.
She must know what she believes
And then she must rise up and be.”

I see so many people wandering in their faith, wandering all over the place in our nation.

“The Church has compromised it’s message.
It’s compromised it’s mission.
It’s made the path so broad and wide.
But have I not said, says the Lord, that narrow is the path that leads to life.
So many are wandering in their faith.
They’re wandering on a path that’s broad and wide,
Wavering and moving from side to side.
It’s a path that leads to destruction, says the Lord.

And the leaders in My House
They will be held accountable before Me.
Those who have not led My sheep down the right path,
The narrow path, the path that leads to life.
They will stand accountable before Me.
It was MAN they tried to please.

So this is a time for Truth, says the Lord.
It’s a time to know what you believe, and it’s a time to stand up and be.
Time to stand up and speak the Truth.
Not in hatred, not as the religious Pharisees,
But speak the Truth in Love.
A heart that is broken and empowered by Me.
THEN they will listen.
Then they will hear.
Then they will turn and they will draw near to Me.”