While viewing a Christian program with several well‐known ministers and prophetic people speaking about the seven mountains of society and possible strategies to reform them, I heard the Lord say:

“They’re not ready yet.”

After I heard this I had the following vision: I saw a mighty Warrior; He was very big and tall and fully dressed and ready for battle (like in Braveheart). I didn’t see His face as I was standing slightly behind Him and off to His right. He was looking with anticipation at a great land that stood before Him and His people.

This Warrior represented Christ, and He was ready to lead His army, His people, into the Promised Land. He said that everything He had promised His people was standing before them and that He longed to fulfill every plan, every dream, every promise that He had placed in their hearts, beyond what they even imagined. It was as though He couldn’t wait to show them all He had in store. There was a great zeal that seemed to consume and radiate from Him. He then turned His head and looked over His shoulder to His people and shouted:


He was fully set to move quickly forward; but then, for a moment it was as though my eyes and my heart became His, and I saw what He saw and felt what He felt. It was heartbreaking and almost unbelievable. It’s as though He was saying: 

“Cindy, Look what they are doing.”

Instead of His people standing with Him ready to go forward into battle, they all had their backs turned to Him. They were about ten feet away and all crouched down towards the ground. Each person had their arms wrapped around something, holding it close and affectionately, as if they loved it.

At first I couldn’t tell what they were embracing, but God allowed me to see that they were “idols”—other lovers, sins, things of this world they loved more than God: wealth, status, pleasures, possessions, fame, success, the praise of man, the things of the world and of the flesh.

They had turned away from their first love and were embracing idols.

Much of the American Church has left their first love for other lovers and being lured away by the distractions and pleasures of the day. This vision reveals how these have held us back from truly influencing and impacting our nation in a major way.