Preface: During a time of intercession and prayer for America. Hear God’s continued heart cry,
warning America of what is to come, if she does not turn back to Him.

“For this nation has seen My goodness,
and America has seen My mercy.
America has witnessed My love,
She has not seen My judgment.

But if she does not repent and turn, she will see My judgment.
And it MUST begin – Repentance Must begin with My Church.
Must begin with the Leaders in My house.

America has seen My blessings.
They have seen great wealth.
But America has not seen poverty.
America has not witnessed a curse as other nations have.

She has been protected, and she has been blessed by Me.
She will see poverty and she will see a curse,
If she does not turn and repent.

America has witnessed peace within her borders.
She has seen peace, and she has watched her children play, without fear of war in her borders.
But peace will be no more, if she does not hear My cry.

America has a decision to make.
Which path she should take.

Pray that she takes the right path.
Pray for her.
Pray that she will turn back to Me,
So she can see My goodness and mercy.

For this is not as before,
This is urgent.
This is not as before, when I would send My messengers and speak,
And I would extend My mercy, and extend My mercy, and extend My mercy.
This is not as before.

For Judgment is standing right at the door – it’s right at the door.”