Preface: This is one of the hard words we have held back, but God has instructed us to release it, since it does come with warnings. We believe God has extended His mercy upon our nation because of the cries for mercy in the past. We believe this is why we have not seen the full force of His judgments on our land. However, in this Word God again is making it clear that the Church must take action before it is too late. The Church and its leaders must lead the way in repentance and prayer. As a nation we are being weighed in the balance, and the scales can only be tipped if the Church hears the call of God to true repentance and massive prayer.

“America, America, I am numbering your days. I’m numbering your days.
Why do you continue to persist in your own ways?
If you do not turn back and come to Me on bended knee, you will no longer be one who leads.

I have made you great, yet you are determining your own fate.
For if you resist and you persist in your own ways,
You will no longer be great,
You will no longer lead and show the way,
But you, America, will feed off of other nations.
You will no longer lead and feed others, but you will have to turn and feed from them.
I am numbering your days.
Turn, turn from your wicked ways.”

As God spoke this to me, it was as though He had a clipboard in His hands,
with an evaluation sheet, and He’s checking things off.
It’s like a balance sheet – with negatives and positives – we are weighed in the balance…
And I see all this sin and wickedness – the scales are so heavy on one side.
Then, on the other side, there’s little prayer coming from the Church, and some repentance here and there.
But, the scales are so uneven, so uneven.
Then I see a third column – a calculation column and there is where the days are numbered.

“Unless these scales are tipped…
Unless MY CHURCH rises up and cries out to Me….
America is weighed in the balance and found wanting.”

Please Note: We have seen some great prayer movements and ministries hearing God’s call to prayer and even some to repentance. Many have cried out for mercy, which is good, but God is calling the nation to it’s knees in genuine Repentance and massive Prayer, and it must begin with the Leaders in God’s House. ONLY when we do this God’s way are we going to see real change take place. They must lead the way! We believe these scales will not be tipped until this takes place.

“Where are those that will cry out to Me?
Where are those that will come and plead with Me on behalf of their nation?
Where are those that will stand in the gap?
That will stand until they see a nation turn?”

God is saying to the Church and Five-fold Ministry Leaders:
This is what God wants to do and this is what MUST happen.
We must set aside our own plans and agendas, and respond to God’s cry and instructions.

If Pastors and the Five-fold Ministry Leaders truly love God’s people, the lost and our nation.
And if they truly want to see a Great Awakening – this is what Must take place – it’s not going to happen any other way.