NOTE: We understand parts of this prophecy may seem hard. We ask that you read it prayerfully, always keeping in mind that these things do not have to be if America will hear God’s cry and turn. Please agree with us in prayer that America will humble herself before God and repent, beginning with the churches and the Five-fold ministry. God’s Holy Word says that He resists (opposes and fights against) the proud, but He will give grace to the humble. As a nation we must humble ourselves under His mighty hand.

Preface: We consider this a follow up to the prophecy “America, America – A Prophetic Cry & Warning” (from Dec. 2007). This one began during prayer when Cindy saw tanks in the streets of America.

I see:
I keep seeing war, I keep seeing tanks.
There’s a great battle raging for this nation.
I see our nation trying to shut the door to war. It’s trying to get in. it’s trying to get in.

Then I heard:
“But it’s My judgment that will open up that door.
No matter how hard they try, unless they turn, My judgment will come inside.

For as a nation repentance has not yet come.
Oh, there have been some crying out to Me, there have been some on bended knee.
But this nation has not heard My plea, they have NOT heeded My Voice.

For I have sent My warnings, I have made it clear – yet they will not hear.
They have loaded their guns and they have prepared for war
But when judgment comes in thru the door,
They will not be able to defend America anymore.

As a nation they have not cried out to Me.
But they have looked to their money.
But what will they do when it’s all gone?
Who will they turn to then?
They think – ‘We’ve done nothing wrong.’

All they have trusted in is melting away – yet they will not listen to what I say.
I do not wish to bring them pain, but if they refuse to turn and change….
My Word still remains the same.
Turn from your sin. Turn back to Me, and I will cause your enemies to flee.

I hear you even now, says the Lord, I hear you mocking Me.
I hear you mocking Me, says God.
I hear you saying – ‘We’ll let’s wait and see.’
I hear you say – ‘Well, just give it time, and everything will be just fine.’

For I hear your conversations, and all your great plans for this nation, but they will not be.
You can work, and you can plan, and you can strive, but success and prosperity they will hide from you.
For unless I build the house, your labor will be in vain.
Unless I keep the city safe, your defense will be in vain.

Just as King Nebuchadnezzar became.
Until He acknowledged My Name, and that I was the Most High.

I know how to humble kings.
I know how to humble nations.
You are as Pharaoh and Nebuchadnezzar to Me.
Your pride, your arrogance, I see.

As a nation, you must bow your knee, you must humble yourself, and acknowledge Me.
There is no other way.

Just as Pharaoh did, you have mocked Me.
You must humble yourself before Me, or I will humble you before all the earth.
This is already beginning, but I’m speaking to you this one last time.
I’m sending a prophet to you.

These will be like the days of Elijah.
These are the days before My coming.
I will raise up prophets who will speak, prophets that will not bow their knee, but to Me.
They will come.
They will warn.
They will proclaim judgments.
I am sending them for we are close to the end.
I am sending them. I am sending them.
They will NOT back down. For they know who holds their crown.
They will speak forth My Word.
It shall be heard, and I will perform it in the earth.
They will utter My judgments.
They will utter My Word.
They will not be soft words.
But they will cut deep.
They will be sent to kings, and to nations.

My Word will go forth, says the Lord
Time is short. Time is short.

No more sugar coated candy.
No more fluffy* Church.
But it is the Sword of the Lord that shall go forth – My truth.

This earth, and all of creation, must know Me, as the Lord God Almighty

The world, and even in My Church, they mock Me.
They trample on My grace and mercy.
They no longer Honor and Fear Me.
So I must come, and I will come, says the Lord.
In power and in demonstration, like Elijah in this last hour, I will come.
I will come. I will come.”

*fluffy: I see a fluffy church as soft, impotent, weak with no fear of God – but lots of fear of man! No substance!