I saw all these people on wall street …not knowing what to do…it was all disappearing and they had not control over it at all.

I Keep Hearing Him say:
They’ll be no where of them to turn, no where of them to turn,
There will be no one to help them, no one to help.
Nations will pull away

I began to weep, and I could feel a mourning, a mourning for our nation…

Then came:
I see a nation once so great and so grand. I see everything being stripped from her.
(more weeping…I felt God broken heart for his nation…)
She’s weak, and deaf, and blind, and poor, and she used to cry our from her shore…

“Give me your poor, Give me your huddled masses yearning to be free….”

“America has said she’s free, but she’s not free.
She is a slave to the enemy.
She is in bondage, she is in bondage, she is not free.
Because she has not heeded Me.
She has not heard Me and heard My cry.

So now she will be like those she once cried out to.
Now she will be the poor.
She once cried out from her shores – ‘Come, and we will help you!’
But now she will cry out – ‘Come and help me! Come and help me! Come and help me!’

(more weeping and mourning…)

This is how America will be.
She will not longer be strong.
For she is weak, and she is blind.
She would not hear My cry.
She would not heed Me, and I cannot help her.

Oh if she will but cry out to Me…
I would come to her aid so quickly – I would come! I would come!
I would run to her aid! I would come!
But she will not cry out to Me!
She will not turn to Me!

America, she will cry out from her shores.
She will cry out – ‘I’m so tired, I’m so poor. I have nothing more to give you.’

Why will she not hear My cry?
Why will she not listen to Me?

For I can make her strong again, I can keep her safe from her enemies.
If she will but call Me her friend, I can make her strong again.
I can restore her wealth, and I can cause her to dream again.
I can cause her to reach out to the nations again.

Why has she abandoned Me?
Why has she turned from Me?
I am not her enemy, but I am her friend.”

Comment: It’s like I felt the agony inside of Him (God). God loves for this nation. and like a Father He was so proud of it, to see the strength of it, and how it was blessing nations. He was so proud of it. But then to see her coming unraveled, weak and poor and blind. It go down the path like a Prodigal.