Preface: This is one of many words regarding America. The time is coming when America will have a decision to make, and all will see what America as a nation really believes.

This is a time and testing of America’s faith, and the faith of the Church – what do you really believe?
Who are we going to turn to?

God is saying:
“America, America, a land once so richly blessed.
Now you stand with great, great stress.
Yes, this is a test and a trying of your faith.

Will you turn back to Me?
For I am your only hope of true liberty.
I am your only hope for real prosperity.
Will you turn back to Me?

Will My people…In your land America, will My people take a stand?
Will My Pastors rise?
Will they begin to cry out to Me?
Will they lead their flock and their sheep?
Will they bow down on their knees?
Will they turn to Me?

Yes, this is a trying of your faith, America.
Will you turn to Me?
Or will you turn away?

Life and death stand before you, O’ land.
it is time for you to choose.
Life or death, blessing or curse?

Turn back to Me, America.
Turn back and embrace My ways, embrace the truth,
And you will see Me do great things for you in the days ahead.
I have not spoken empty or vain words to you,
But what I have spoken I have the power to do.

So again I cry out to you, and to My leaders in the land.
Take a stand and bring this nation back to Me.

For nations, nations are looking to you, America, to see what you will do.
Will you abandon the God that made you great?
Or will you determine your own ways and the horrible fate?
Nations are watching you.

Turn back to Me and I will strengthen your gates.
I will strengthen your cities, I will strengthen your states.

I am your only hope, America.
Turn back to Me.”