God’s saying:

“Bin Laden, Bin Laden – down trodden,
But now cast into the sea– your enemy.
But from him, says the Lord,
Within, says the Lord, your gates…
From him – within – enemies will arise.

For you have cast one into the sea, but from him – many shall be.
For I shall use your enemies, says the Lord.
America, I shall use your enemies, says the Lord
Just as I did with Israel – to bring My judgments upon you.
I shall raise up your enemies against you.
I will use them just as I have throughout history.
To bring My judgments, and to bring this nation to it’s knees.

And just as I did with Israel, says the Lord.
Just as I did with Judah, says the Lord.
Just as I spoke to them and I warned them,
of what would be if they did not turn back to Me.
If they did not turn from their wicked ways.

I have not changed, says the Lord, I have not changed.
Just look at My ways, look at history and you will see, how I used your enemies.
All they you need to do, says the Lord, is hear My cry.
Repent and turn back to Me.
Then I will turn away your enemies and they will all be cast into the sea.
But not until you hear My plea.
For I will not let you continue to run in this course.

So I will warn you, says the Lord.
Because of My love for you, I will warn you.
And I will tell you what is to be if you do not change your ways and turn back to Me

For I AM God, and I have the power to destroy your enemies,
But I also have the power to use them, to do My works in the earth.

Do not judge Me or My ways, says the Lord.
For I AM the Ancient of Days and I do not change!
And whether you approve…
Know this, says the Lord, I will do what I have spoken to you.
So hear the Word of the Lord.
Hear – take heed of the warning.
Fall to your knees, turn, repent and pray.

This Word is for the Leaders in My House.
This Word is for My Church.
And this Word is for the Nation.

Again I say, the course of this nation is in your hands.
It’s up to you My Church whether these enemies will stand.
Whether they will come and ravage and destroy your land.
There is only ONE way – to turn this tide
And that is for you to hear My cry.
For you to rise up and come to Me,
Repent and Pray on bended knee.
Call My people to pray.
There’s no-other-way, says the Lord.”