Preface: For those who draw close to God, living in His Word and walking in His Ways, they will partake of the sweet, even in the midst of difficult circumstances. As God’s people, in the days ahead, we can feed off of His goodness, and walk in His presence, which is sweet, yet powerful. God’s Word tells us that in His presence, there is fullness of Joy, and we can experience perfect peace when our minds are stayed on Him.

But, for the wicked, scripture clearly tells us what life will be like for them both in this life and in eternity. Things will be very bitter for them, especially in the days ahead. Please pray for the prodigals to come home, and for those lost and deceived, that they would come to Christ.

God is saying:
“Bitter Sweet. Bitter Sweet.
Bitter Sweet it shall be.
Bitter for those who have rejected and turned away from Me.
It shall be Bitter and not sweet.

But it shall be Sweet for those who turn and come to Me.
It shall be Sweet for those who lay down their lives at My feet
Oh yes, it shall be Sweet for these.
For they shall be under the shadow of My wings.
And I will direct them.
And I shall protect them.

For I will care for those who come to Me.
But for those who do not, says the Lord, I shall bitterly weep.
I will cry out to them.
I will do all that I can to awaken them.
And to open up their eyes to see.
Now is the time – they must come to Me.

So I will plead with them.
And I will cry out to them
And I will warn them.
For we are close to the end.

My Coming is at hand.
So it shall be Bitter Sweet.
Bitter for those who reject Me.
But Sweet for those who run and come to Me.

For I am on My throne.
And I am about to make My Glory known.”

Then He said:
“Tick-tock watch the clock. Tick-tock watch the clock.”
Right as He said this my watch beeped alerting me to a new hour had begun.
I looked down and it said 11pm. The 11th hour had begun.
It seems we’ve have entered a new day, a new time.