Sept. 19, 2016

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Please note: This is not a political endorsement but rather an important Prophetic Perspective for our nation.

Some have asked our thoughts regarding Donald Trump and the upcoming elections. What we share today we believe will provide some prophetic insight, understanding and hope for the future.

Many would agree this 2016 Election cycle is like nothing we have seen before, and is a sure sign of the desperate state of our nation.

The Battle For The Future of Our Nation
We must all be reminded that there is a great spiritual battle being waged not only for the soul(s) of our nation but the future and survival of America itself as a sovereign nation. It’s evident there has been an aggressive effort to “fundamentally transform America.” We are witnessing this on multiple levels along with a progressive stripping away of the godly foundations that made America great. And unless there is a dramatic change we will see the demise of our beloved nation, along with greater Christian persecution. Some wonder if Trump can help bring the change we need.

Although many end-time prophecy teachers believe America will fade away, we personally believe that God has a greater plan and divine destiny for our nation — for America to be that “shining city on a hill” and a refuge nation for the end-times. Either way, we believe the proper biblical mindset the Church should have in these last days is to be salt and light and to actively engage on every front until Christ comes.

While we believe God has a divine destiny and plan for America, this will not come forth on its own, but will be birthed and sustained by the prayers and actions of the saints.

A Key Presidential Role
For years we have heard many promises of hope and change. The truth is no one man or President is going to make America great again without divine intervention. While this is true, “who” we have leading our country is very important as they will play a key role on the direction of this nation. One critical area is the likely appointment of up to five Supreme Court Justices over the next 4-8 years. This could be monumental — impacting our religious freedoms, restoring prayer in schools, overturning abortion and many other issues that have been destructive to our people and nation.

Our “Flawed” Candidates
As we stand back and watch the missteps and flaws of both candidates paraded across the national news, it’s left many wondering “Is there any hope for our nation?” Perhaps this is a wake up call to remind us all — we cannot look to man to save of our nation — our trust, our prayer, and our hope needs to be first in the Lord, for only with His help and power can America be made truly great again.

The good news is God is able to use imperfect people to carry out His plans and purposes. As God’s people we must be careful not to put God in a box and presume to give Him our checklist for the perfect candidate. We must remember, God’s ways are higher than ours and He looks deep into the heart of man and he sees what no one else sees (Isa. 55:8-9; 1 Sam. 16:7). He sees possibilities. This is why Jesus instructed us to pray “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Matt. 6:10). We must trust, that as we pray, God will put the right person in place for His purposes. God knows exactly what this nation needs and sometimes He will use an “outsider” to do His will.

The Cyrus Factor
Some have prophetically declared that God is going to use Trump like a king Cyrus (Isa. 45), and we agree this is a strong possibility. While in Babylonian captivity, Israel (God’s people) were probably hoping for a Moses or David to lead them in restoration of their land and the Temple, but God instead used an “outsider” (Cyrus) someone they considered a heathen to help pave the way (along with Daniel’s prayers, and key godly men like Nehemiah and Ezra).

Throughout history God has used what others consider “flawed” people for His plans and purposes. General Patton is one example. Patton was known to be arrogant and foul-mouthed, yet he had been fashioned for that critical time in history and played a key role in helping counter Hitler’s evil (antichrist like) plan. History shows General Patton himself felt strongly that he had a sense of destiny, and though he was not considered a “righteous man” he had sense of respect towards God and understood the value of prayer. Although we would like to see Donald Trump be more statesmen and Christ-like, it’s encouraging to see him show respect towards God’s leaders (meeting with many Christian leaders/pastors on numerous occasions), and open to their counsel. Also his campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” seems to carry a sense of destiny.

How Could Trump Make America Great Again?
We do believe it is very possible that God can use Trump to help make America great again, however, it would only be to the degree that we, God’s people, are praying and doing what we are supposed to do.

From the start Donald Trump has been considered an “outsider” that has made the political establishment and global elites nervous. He is a fighter, and many find it refreshing that’s he’s unafraid to challenge the status quo and political correctness which has gone awry. He is upsetting the establishment apple carts and could cause a lot of necessary shaking in Washington D.C. It’s evident to many he has a gift to build and get things done. And right now, our nation needs serious rebuilding on multiple levels. One area that needs healing and rebuilding is racial reconciliation and our inner cities. Although, some may question his motivation, it is encouraging to see Trump reach out to the African-American communities and churches in an effort to bring hope. Other areas include our need for fiscal responsibility in government, eliminating our mountain of debt, strengthening our fragile economy, our vulnerable borders and our depleted military, along with restoring godly foundations throughout the fabric of our society. As God’s people pray for our leaders God can provide our President and elected officials wisdom, insight and counsel on how to accomplish all these things effectively.

A Time To Tear Down and A Time to Build
Interestingly, Trump has been referenced as not just a Cyrus, but also as a possible “Bulldozer” in relation to a dream interpretation by John Paul Jackson from 2012. While Trump does have some bulldozer like tendencies, we believe the “bulldozer” from the dream relates more to what God will be doing in our nation. The bulldozer is necessary because some things must first be taken down before America can be rebuilt. This reminds us of what we shared with you earlier this year — regarding America crossing a threshold, and like the hardened clay pot in Jeremiah 18 there had to be a breaking before it could be reshaped into the vessel the Potter desired. There must be a breaking down of idols, uprooting of evil, a deep cleanse across America before she can be rebuilt and made new. There is also a parallel for this in Jeremiah 1:9-10, as God instructs him to “root out and pull down” then “to build and plant.” Thus things may appear to get worse before they get better.

Some would consider Trump hard headed and a bit stubborn, but it is one of the traits that may be necessary for who will be leading and pushing through the difficult times that could be ahead for our nation. America will need a leader with great tenacity, where most people would lose heart and want to give up, we will need someone who will keep fighting through for the good of the nation.

The difficult part is possible judgment that may be necessary to shake and awaken our nation. Our earnest prayer and cry is for a Great Awakening. However, in a previous ENews we shared God’s instructions to us, “You cannot just promise them a Great Awakening, I need you to warn them for Me…They need to understand what’s coming if they do not listen to Me.” This relates directly to God’s clarion call to the pulpits and pews of America (also see God’s Answer For America message).

The Role of the American Church
God sees into the heart and knows what He needs on the natural level to accomplish His will for America in the political, judicial, and leadership realm.

What God needs on the Spiritual level is His people praying as never before! God’s clarion call is for His Church to be a House of prayer for all nations (Mark 11:17). God’s clarion call is for Pastors and Christian leaders to lead our churches and nation to their knees in genuine repentance and prayer which will release the grace and power of God upon our elected leaders to be instruments in God’s hands to begin changing everything.

The change America so desperately needs does not begin with Trump or Washington D.C. — it begins with the pulpits and pews of America. As we have said, Judgment must begin in the house of God (1 Peter 4:17). This is not a condemning judgment, but a purifying and purging that brings “change.” In other words — “Change must begin in the House of God.”  When we, the Church, take our place in the nations of the earth and humble ourself under God’s hand and turn from our own ways and become the “House of Prayer” we are called to be — then we’ll rise up as salt and light, and we’ll see the grace, power and glory of God released upon our nation.

Answering – Can Trump Make America Great Again?
Without God’s help, Trump cannot possibly make America great again. Only when God begins to move through a humble, obedient, and praying Church will we see things begin to shift and change, America restored to fulfill her destiny. So we do believe that with God, Donald Trump (in the political and natural realm) along with the American Church (in the both Spiritual and natural realm) could help make America great again and come back in line with God’s plans and purpose for our nation.

EXTRA: Prophetic Words About Election
Some have prophesied Trump will be President, others Hillary, while others have said Obama will suspend the elections through martial law to stay in power. We shared earlier this year a prayer alert warning that the closer we get to the elections there could be a shaking and lots of manipulation (which has been happening). What ultimately takes place will depend upon the prayers of God people.

How difficult the election and beyond will be comes down to something very simple: If God’s people pray, the plans and forces of darkness will be pushed back and we will see God move. Even if things get worse before they get better, if we are praying, we can trust God will work all of it for the good and for His purposes. But if we do not, then darkness will gain greater hold upon our nation.

Final Thoughts
The main thing we must all remember is our fight is not against flesh and blood but against spiritual rulers and powers (Eph. 6). Therefore, our battle is not with Democrats or Republicans, not with Trump, Hillary or Obama. Yes, there are things we must do in the natural (such as stand up for righteousness, vote, etc) but they must first be proceeded by prayer unto spiritual breakthrough that then translates into the natural. This is why we must pray for our leaders and government and not just cast stones at them for everything they are doing wrong (1 Tim 2:1-3). If we truly want to see change we must put our time and efforts into prayer, becoming a House of prayer for our nation, America, as well as all nations (Mark 11:17).

At this critical time, God is calling His people to pure, passionate and persistent prayer, not just praying for their candidate to get in, but to pray, “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, Lord.” Then take action — vote in alignment with Biblical values, stand up strong for righteousness, let our voice be heard, and speak the truth in love for the kingdom and glory of God.

Together, with God, we can change the course of our nation!

Darrel & Cindy deVille

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