Preface: This word and prophetic prayer came during a time of intercession.

Prophetic Prayer and Proclamation:
“Let righteousness and justice reign.
Let righteousness and justice reign throughout the land!
Righteousness and justice. Righteousness and justice.
Let it reign down upon the land.
Righteousness and justice – a cleansing of the land
Let it reign down upon the land.
Let it reign down upon every man, woman and child
Let justice and righteousness reign.

Let there be a cleansing of the land. A cleansing of the land, a cleansing of the land.
A cleansing, a cleansing, a cleansing of the land.
A great cleansing, a great cleansing, a great cleansing of the land.”

I see a cleansing of the land, almost like Jesus cleansing the temple, the Spirit of God
will begin to work, throwing over the money changers tables.

I keep seeing this, like when Jesus went into the Temple and He threw over the money changers
tables and said, “My House shall be a House of Prayer!”

I see this happening in our government, in the IRS. I see God Himself going in and throwing over the tables, rooting out corruption, and the money changers (Including New York). This represents a cleaning, turning them over, knocking them over, starting over – a wash – a cleaning of the house. Getting out and taking away the things that are not supposed to be there. Because the nation as a whole cannot continue and go on as it is. It has become corrupt and too crippled to walk.

It’s time for a great cleansing, a rooting out and a plucking up of that which is corrupt.
It’s just like organizations and in corporations, even in churches,
There comes a stage when things have become too corrupt,
and a cleansing must take place.
They must remove the old stuff,
They must remove the dead stuff,
They remove all the waste, overload…

There’s has to be a cleansing in the nation.
A cleansing, rejuvenation.
A rooting out and a plucking up of that which is corrupt.
Those things that have taken root,
Those things that are bearing bad, bad fruit.
Those need to be plucked up,
They need to be pulled up,
They need to be rooted out.
Much of this is in the Eastern seaboard – New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C.

There are those within the Tea Party who have fought a good fight for what they believe to be right, but in the natural it seems with little victory. Some are realizing the only thing that is really going to change this is the power of prayer. And, as they’re praying – God is toppling things, He’s going to start turning tables over, cleansing, doing all the things the Tea Party couldn’t do in its own strength.
“it’s not too late to pray, it’s not too late to turn it all the other way, but God’s people must PRAY!”

I see this person with a measuring tape around its waist – big. But I see it having lost a lot of weight.
I believe this represents our government and what God desires to do.
I see the measuring tape coming out and all this excess being lost – all the fat. All the Fat cats.