Note: This important Word applies to not only before the election, but even more so after the election.

The Elections are on everyone’s mind and it seems the battle increasingly fierce, and for good reason. The outcome of this election could dramatically impact the direction and future of our nation. As we move closer to the elections we are seeing this increased contention and division, even among Christians. The haggling back and forth from both sides has become like a vortex pulling most everyone into a carnal fight. As God’s people, its critical that we stay above the fray and fight right — for this is a battle that must first be waged and won on our knees.

We must all stay alert to the distractions and diversions of the enemy that would lure us into the muck and mire of a very carnal battle being waged, especially in the media and on social media. Instead, we must keep our eyes on the bigger and more critical issues and what is really at stake here. This is more than just an election but this is a spiritual battle for both the future, the soul and even the sovereignty of our nation.

What the Lord is Saying about the Elections.
During our ministry prayer time last week, the Lord spoke a Word for His people regarding this election and how we should pray. We must remember that God sees and knows all things and we do not. Much of the information we are getting through the media is deceptive, fabricated and skewed, this is why we must pray and seek the Lord for direction and find trusted sources.

What the Lord said:
“If My people will pray, and as they Pray, if they will not demand their own way. But if they will pray – ‘Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.’ If they will pray not just for their candidate to win or who they think deserves to win or should win. If they will not demand their own way, but instead if they will pray and intercede… I will move. I will move by My Spirit says the Lord, and I will do a new thing in this nation. I will move by my Spirit.

For many people are caught up in the natural things,
leaning on their own understanding,
leaning on their own reasoning.

For you are not of this world.
My Kingdom is not of this world.”

As Ambassadors of His Kingdom
We must remember, we are ambassadors of Christ and our conduct (including online) should reflect that. We should be Kingdom minded and even Statesmen-like in the way we communicate. We must speak the truth humbly and honorably, while displaying the Fruit of the Holy Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23). However, If we just jump into the dirt and mire and operate according to the dictates of the world and flesh, we will only make things worse and become part of the problem! We must resist that temptation and not get pulled into the fray, but instead we must be Kingdom of God minded and first and foremost pray!

Yes, Engage – But First Pray
Part of the Kingdom of God mindset is operating as salt and light reflecting God’s Kingdom ways and nature. A very relevant part of our previous Blog addresses this:

The main thing we must all remember is our fight is not against flesh and blood but against spiritual rulers and powers (Eph. 6). Therefore, our battle is not with Democrats or Republicans, not with Trump, Hillary or Obama. Yes, there are things we must do in the natural (such as stand up for righteousness, vote, etc) but they must first be proceeded by prayer unto spiritual breakthrough that then translates into the natural….At this critical time, God is calling His people to pure, passionate and persistent prayer, not just praying for their candidate to get in, but to pray, “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, Lord.” Then take action — vote in alignment with Biblical values, stand up strong for righteousness, let our voice be heard, and speak the truth in love for the kingdom and glory of God. Read the full “Can Trump Make America Great Again?” Blog here

As Christians we should engage, but we need to be above the fray — operating first as citizens of God’s Kingdom. We should stand up strong for righteousness, let our voice be heard, and speak the truth in love, then vote in alignment with Biblical/Kingdom values, without neglecting the most important thing – prayer for God’s will to be done.

As God people pray His way – Thy will be done – then HE will Fight for those whose cause is just and right. Our greatest fight is not on social media, but on our knees. He can turn everything around no matter how it looks.

We pray today, Father, let your kingdom come, let you will be done in our nation and in our churches, on earth as it is in heaven. Amen!