“There will come, there will come a New World Order.
A New World Order.
And at the same time in My house, I will be releasing and establishing great order.
Great order.
Both sides are gearing up for the end times.
They’re gearing up and preparing for the end times.
The spirit of the world and My kingdom.

These things are going to come in line with all that has been prophesied,
And all that has been spoken for My words will not be broken.
But they will be performed as I have spoken, as I have said.

I am doing a work in My Body, in My Church.
I am preparing for all of this, I am preparing, at the same time.

The god of this world has blinded their minds, has blinded their minds.
But there’s a light that is coming that will shine. it will shine.
There is a light that is coming and it is Mine.
It is My glory. My glory.

For the enemy is fighting hard.
He’s ravaging, and pillaging, and killing, and destroying – violently.
For he knows this light is about to come.
He knows My Church will rise up as one.
And the blind eyes will be opened
And they will see the light of My glorious gospel.

Throughout all the earth, I am preparing My Church.
I am making her ready.
I’m making her strong.
I’m making her steady.
I’m cleansing with My fire.
I am purifying.
I’m filling her with My desire.

So do not think it a strange thing
That the enemy is ravaging and moving with such a violence.
For the day will come when he will be silenced.

So know that your victory is sure.
For those who endure to the end – stay close to Me.
Make Me your closest Friend.
Then you will endure to the end.
And you will join Me at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.”