“For there will be things that will be happening,
And Even, EVEN, Even the greatest skeptic will know it is Me.
It will cause them to question all that they have ever believed

For there will be things that will be happening,
They will not be able to push these things away, and sweep them away, and cover them up
For I will make Myself plain, I will reveal Myself.

These will be things they cannot explain away.
Things in the upcoming days that I will do.
For I will give EVERYONE a chance to turn to Me.
I will make the Light SO Bright.
And many will run, and many will come to Me.
They will come to Me, says the Lord.

For I will stretch out My hands to ALL humanity.
And I will say – ‘Come to Me. Run to Me.’
I will cast forth the net,
The times are already set.

For all your labour, and your prayer,
Is Not in vain.”