The glory of God will be revealed first in His Church and then in the earth (Isaiah 60:1-2).

“Everything, everything, everything will change.
For all the earth will know My name.
Everything will change.

In My Church everything will change.
No longer will she be called a reproach or disgrace.
But she will be called by a new name – ‘Glorious’.
She shall be known as ‘Glorious’ in the earth.

For she is My Church, and I will make her ‘Glorious’ in the earth.

So know this, that everything will change, and nothing will remain the same.
For this is why I came, and this is why I come,
To destroy the works of the evil one.

For I will come with great demonstration.
And I will come with great power.
And I will change, and I will deliver, and I will heal My people, this hour.
I will cleanse them.

For we are drawing near to the end.
There is much to be done.
For My Kingdom must come.
My Will must be done.
It’s time to glorify the Son.


For these are not empty words.
But I will do, I will perform, what you have heard.


For this nation will see My Glory,
And that will be the end of the story.
And then I will COME and take My Bride away…
I will TAKE her away, to the place that I have prepared for her.

For there is a GREAT preparation taking place.
A great preparation taking place.

That’s WHY you must pray, that is why My people must pray.
They must pray, they must pray, they must pray.
For this preparation to take place.
For it is a work of My Spirit.
Not a work of man’s flesh or natural things.
But it is a work – by My Spirit, by My Spirit.

That’s why I say to pray everyday.
To pray, to pray, to pray…
To make the way, make the way, make the way, make the way.
For the Glory of the Lord.
Make the way, pray.
Pray, and make the way.
You’ll make the way as you pray…”