“Those who hunger and thirst for Me
Those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, they shall be filled.
It is My will to FILL you up – to fill your cup – to fill My Church.
And My cup – I would pour you out upon the earth.
Healing waters.
Rivers of life.
In a dark, dark night – I will raise you up to be a light.
And you shall set captives free.
Not by your own might, but by Me, says the Lord.

I am searching, looking to and fro for those who will go with Me.
Those who are hungry.
Those who are thirsty.
Those who long for Me.
FULLY Devoted Ones.
I’m calling them to come to Me,
And together we will run, we will run,
And we will do great works in the earth – My people and Me.
For I long to bring My glory to the earth.
I long to pour out My Spirit upon My Church.
I am looking for the few.
I am looking for those who will come and cry out to Me, until they see My glory.
Will you be that one?
Will you come and run with Me?”