I sense such a heavy weight and burden for the Churches and Pastors of our nation.
God wants to bring a great refreshing, a great awaking and refreshing.

“So many burdens upon their back.
And they lack the power, they lack the strength.
They’re going this way, and that way, and every which way.
But if they would come to Me, and come before Me,
I will lift the burdens off of their back.
And I will give them what they lack
Oh, but they are busy running so many ways, everyday.
They lack the strength to stand against the enemies attack.
They lack, they lack, they lack.”

Pastors are hearing voices all around them,
“You got to do this, you got to do that…”
It’s constant and it’s so much that they cannot hear the voice of the Lord.
Because they are so busy running back and forth, accomplishing little to nothing.

God wants to remove the weights and burden from the demands upon them and He wants to put the burden of intercession upon them.
The burden of intercession and prayer to fall upon them.
The burden to pray and weep and intercede
And only the Spirit of God can put that burden on their back.
Only the Spirit of God can put that burden on them.

But it will be a burden that is light and refreshing
It will be the heavy weight of the Spirit of God upon them calling them to pray and to intercede.
But it will be a refreshing burden
It will be one that will actually strengthen them and empower them.

We need to pray that the burden of intercession and prayer will fall upon the pulpits of our nation, will fall upon the Five-fold ministry.
We pray that by the power of God’s Holy Spirit there would be such a burden to pray come upon the pulpits of America that they will not be able to shake it. That the burden to pray will so come upon them that they will stop in the middle of their message and say “I have got to pray! We have got to pray! We have got to pray!”
We pray that this burden to pray will come and fall upon our nation, upon our land, upon our pastors. This burden of intercession, this burden to pray night and day. This burden to make the House of God a House of Prayer.

For we can tell the night and day they need to pray,
But unless burden comes by the Spirit of the Lord upon them,
They will not respond, they will not hear, they will not heed.

“But when the burden comes from Me, says the Spirit of God
They will not be able to resist.
So I will do this, says the Lord.
I will do this by the power of My Spirit.
I will release the burden upon the Pastors in the land.
It will be by My hand, by My power, says the Lord.
For this is the hour, says the Lord.”

Then God said to us:
“All your work and all your labor can not accomplish what I can do, when you allow Me to pray through you.
All of your new updates, all of your websites, all of your staying up late at night cannot accomplish what I can do thru you — if you will come and pray.

And that is what I want to say to My Pastors, to My Leaders.
Only do what I’m asking of you.
You don’t need to do this and do that, and do this and do that, and add this and add that.
Just DO what I tell you — then you will see much fruit.

God is showing me:
Jesus said: “My yoke is easy, My burden is light” (Matt. 11:30)
The pastors of this nation don’t know what that’s like.
They’re so used to being so heavy and laden down with all the things they feel they need to do, and God can hardly get thru to them.

It reminds me of the vision God showed me of this table will all this stuff on it, covered with stuff. It represented all the things in our life we need to do. God was on the other side of the table and He wanted to talk to us, but He couldn’t because there was all this stuff in the way. Then I saw the Spirit of God with His arm come with one swipe and swept everything off the table. So there was nothing between us. So there could be clear communication. No distractions.

We believe God is going to be calling Pastors and ministries.
There’s going to be a real stripping away.
Get rid of this, get rid of that. Quit doing this,
Don’t do this, don’t do that.
They are all distractions.
They all look pretty, smell pretty, but a lot of them are just decoys from the enemy.

I see a whole new rebirth of the Church.
The American Church is not going to be like it’s been.
It’s all going to change.