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For the Glory of the Lord Shall be Revealed... Isa. 40:5

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2017 Prophetic Perspective

A New Day is Dawning! God is preparing a people to arise and shine gloriously in these end-times! Isa. 60:1-3 WORLD PROPHETIC PERSPECTIVE God spoke in 2009 what we will be seeing. "Days of Wonder and Days of Dread...ahead." See the full word here. TIMING The Lord has also said that the key to the timing of all these things [...]

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Election Word – Carnal vs Kingdom

Note: This important Word applies to not only before the election, but even more so after the election. The Elections are on everyone’s mind and it seems the battle increasingly fierce, and for good reason. The outcome of this election could dramatically impact the direction and future of our nation. As we move closer to the elections we are seeing [...]

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Can Trump Make America Great Again?

Sept. 19, 2016 Blog shared from our "God's Answer For America" website. Please note: This is not a political endorsement but rather an important Prophetic Perspective for our nation. Some have asked our thoughts regarding Donald Trump and the upcoming elections. What we share today we believe will provide some prophetic insight, understanding and hope for the future. Many would agree this [...]

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Prophetic: 2016, Urgent Warnings, the Elections, and More

July 6, 2016 Preface: We have so many great things we want to share about the "Glorious Church" message and book we are preparing! However, in obedience we are compelled to share the following, in hopes God's leaders and people will heed God's Clarion Call. For one way or another we will all be affected. We always enjoy celebrating the 4th [...]

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The Amazing Light of Life!

John 1:4 – “In Yeshua/Jesus exists Life and this Life was the Light of men.” While mediating on this – that all Life comes from Him and this light is the light of men, I was reminded of a recent report that scientists discovery that at conception (when the sperm and egg become one) there is a “Flash of Light!” [...]

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7 Facts – Evidence for the Resurrection!

“That I may know Christ and the power of His resurrection…” Philp. 3:10 The Apostle Paul expressed that Jesus Christ's resurrection is the cornerstone of our faith in Him (1 Cor. 15:14).  And although skeptics have tried to refute this, the evidence for God and the resurrection of Jesus Christ is undeniable, if one is willing to objectively look at all the [...]

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The Swing Vote, Super Tuesday, and This Year’s Elections

As we approach Super Tuesday and the Presidential Election we want to share two important things. First is to bring much needed perspective as we all seek God in regards to the elections and His plans for our nation. We share this perspective in our featured cover story titled 2016 Election: The Most Important Vote of Your Lifetime from the July issue from Charisma Magazine. We [...]

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Turning Over the Tables in our Churches and Government

Could it be that this Great Awakening many are believing for will begin with an abrupt overturning of the tables in both our Churches and our Government. Many of us are familiar with the account in Matthew 12:12-13 of Jesus abruptly overturning the tables in the temple and driving out the money changers. Why did He do this? Something was [...]

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