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For the Glory of the Lord Shall be Revealed... Isa. 40:5

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America’s Greatest Debt – the Flood of Blood

With the infamous anniversary of Roe v Wade this week, we are reminded the barbaric practice of abortion and the greed that drives it was clearly revealed in the shocking videos which recently exposed Planned Parenthood harvesting aborted baby body parts. And it’s critical we all understand abortion is much more than a political issue—it’s a Biblical issue that carries [...]

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How Do You Measure Spiritual Maturity?

How do we measure spiritual maturity? Is it by how much we go to church? Is it how much we know about the Bible and the things of God? Is it how spiritually gifted we are or how many miracles we see thru us? No, no, and no. Spiritual maturity is measured by how much of the fullness of Christ [...]

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Is America Next? The Question Many Are Asking…

The horrific night of terror in Paris was for many of us heart wrenching and dreadfully reminiscent of our own 9/11. Many are asking and wondering if America is next. It’s interesting and even a bit prophetic to note that according to news articles the three gunmen burst into the venue shortly after the California rock band Eagles Death Metal launched [...]

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A Sad Example of the State of the American Church. What We Must Do!

Cindy: My heart is sincerely grieved this evening at what so many of our churches have become. I was invited to a women's event at a church here in Frisco which is a mega multi campus church. I was anticipating a time of genuine worship and ministry but was sincerely saddened by what transpired to the point that I just had to [...]

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Video: When Lines Are Drawn the Sand – Prophetic Poem

This powerful, challenging, and encouraging video was recorded one week before the tragic school shooting in Oregon, Oct 1, 2015. This prophetic exhortation is dedicated to those brave young believers who took a stand in the face of death and gave their lives for declaring their faith in Christ. May God’s leaders, people, and young believers in our schools across America [...]

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What God is Saying to America’s Leaders – Right Now

Cindy: All morning I have sensed the strong presence of the Lord upon me in prayer. As I did, I continued to see the vision of an eagle bowing down. As I pondered this attempting to understand why God was showing me this, the Lord spoke the following to me: “Cindy, I need you to speak for Me, I [...]

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Prophecy of the Future – Part 2

Are you ready for both intense and glorious days ahead? We are going to be entering a new day...SHIFTING into a new end-time phase. God is preparing His Church to rise up Glorious taking the message and hope of Yeshua/Jesus Christ into the dark – a lost and dying world looking for answers (Isa. 60:1-3; Eph 5:27). The following is [...]

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