God’s saying:
“As My People Pray…
I am going to, by My Spirit, move even into the dark places of this land,
Were My people and even evangelists have tried to go and they’ve not seen any fruit.
They’ve not been able to break through.
They’ve not been able to touch, and reach, and turn the homosexual community and the pornography.
They’ve not been able to do these things.
And they’ve actually seen them grow.
And their efforts have been in vain.

But the Lord would say, that as My people all across this nation begin to pray.
As My Pastors and My Leaders being to pray.
As they repent and as they come together all across the land to pray.
My Spirit will be released in such a way.
That I will go into the dark and into the heard places, and I will being to break up the fallow ground,
I will begin to break it up.
I will begin to bring them to there knees.
And then I will send forth My people, I will send forth the evangelists throughout the land,
And there shall be a great harvest. There shall be a great harvest.

For I am running to man. I am going to mankind.
I am going, I am running to them – through your prayers, says the Lord!
I will go by My Spirit, says the Lord, into the to the dark places,
Into the hard places My Church has been unable to break or to shake.
I shall do it. By My Spirit – as My people Pray, and THEN Obey Me, says the Lord.”

I see Him moving by His Spirit. I see the Spirit of God just (blowing sound) going into these places and preparing the hearts and breaking up the fallow ground, removing the blinders and preparing them.

If His people will pray, if His people will pray all across the nation. If we will do this. He’s waiting on the Church. He’s waiting on the Pastors. They’re so many just doing all these works, burning themselves out and up, and burning their people up and out…

“If they would just do it MY Way says the Spirit of God.
I they would just do it My Way they would have so much grace, the grace to do it.
They would not be burring up and burring out, and falling all over the place.
If they would just do it MY Way.
If they would come to Me and repent, and pray.
Oh, then they’ll see it – they’ll see a brand New Day, says the Lord.”