Preface: Recently we made a commitment to God that we would not hold back any warnings that He gives us, unless He instructs us specifically not to share them. This word came on March 20th but we are just releasing it today (May 11th) in obedience. This word speaks much of storms and strong winds coming.

We believe they do include natural storms (which we have already seen much of), they also may include hurricanes. We also believe this word speaks of other types of storms (possibly economically, spiritually and others). The main message in this is that God is going to use these storms to help bring a nation to it’s knees. God is calling His people to pray and to draw close to Him. As God gave this to me, I especially had a burden for families, and felt the need for parents to bring their children closer to God than ever before.

God is showing me His heart for the Men of God and their families.
“Tell them to Draw close to Me, they need to draw close to Me.
Them and their families, they need to come close to Me.”
They need to come in close so He can cover them with His wings.
Because the storms are going to be getting very intense.

They’ve got to be really close to Him, so they will be under the shadow of His wings (Psalm 91).
Otherwise they won’t be covered.

Storms are coming, and strong winds are going to blow across our land.
“It will make it hard for many to stand.
They have to come, draw very very close to Me, close to Me, says the Lord.
I desire to protect them, I desire to cover them, says the Lord.
But if they do not draw close to Me, if they do not come up under the shadow of My wings…
Then they will not be safe.
For it’s only in the secret place, in the hiding place,
It’s only CLOSE to Me that they will be safe.
Tell them to come close to Me, tell them to bring their families.”

(The following came as a song…)
“There will be, there will be Strong Winds blowing mightily,
There will be strong winds blowing across your land
Strong winds – only the strong will stand.
They’re coming in, these strong winds – for My Church must pray.
She must Pray, no more delay. She must Pray.

Strong winds are coming in from the sea, blown by Me.
Strong winds are coming in, such has not been.
(This sounds like historic Hurricanes)

Send forth a call to Pray, night and day.
Send forth a call to Pray.
So I will turn them away.”

NOTE: Does God send storms and then stop them? Yes, there are many examples of this in His Word. Psalm 107:24-29 is an example of God starting a very stormy wind and sea, and then He stopped the same storm He started when men cried out to Him in their distress. Also see Jonah 1:4-15 & Exodus 9:23-29. God will often use natural things to get our attention if we do not heed His call for repentance and prayer – see 2 Chronicles 7:13-14.

“Strong winds, they’re coming in from the sea, sent by Me.
To bring the nation to it’s knees.
They’re coming in – strong winds.
If My people would obey, I’ll turn them away.
If they would Pray night and day – cry out to Me.

Why won’t they listen, why won’t they heed?
Why won’t they turn and cry out to Me?
(with weeping)
Why won’t they listen, why won’t they heed?
Why won’t they turn and cry out to Me?

I keep calling them but they turn away.
Distracted by all the things in their day.
If they would but turn to Me in unity, and come to Me on bended knee.”

NOTE: This relates to the previous “Deadly Storms & Great Causalities” Word from June 07, 2010.


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