A Prophetic Song:
“When heaven and earth collide
Change will break forth on the inside, the inside of My Bride.
When heaven and earth collide
When light overtakes the darkness
When faith overtakes hopelessness
When healing overtakes infirmary
It’s when heaven and earth collide.

All earth must bow down when heaven invades.
When light invades the darkness – everything will change.
As you praise, as you sing
As you play unto Me – heaven will invade.
Heaven will be released.

My people, My people, will come to their knees.
You will release heaven, heaven.
And I will cleanse and purify – My precious pure and holy Bride.
When heaven and earth will collide – as you sing, as you play, as you praise Me.
Just know that it will be – the Kingdom of Heaven will be released.

So sing, Oh sing unto Me.
Play, play – you’ll see a New Day.
Let it go, let it flow like a River.
And watch heaven and earth collide.”

As you play and sing unto Him – it’s going to bring down Heaven!
“Believe Me!”
That is what He’s going to do – believe it!
Declare it! Proclaim it! Receive it, walk in it!

He’s chosen you to do this special thing, to bring Heaven down…
to adorn His Bride – to prepare her to come by His side.