This came as a song:

“Houses of Prayer Everywhere,
Just wait and see, born by Me, says the Spirit of God
Houses of Prayer everywhere,
They will spring up, everywhere

Houses of Prayer, they’ll be everywhere
To prepare, to prepare, to prepare for the days that lie ahead.
Houses of Prayer everywhere, born by Me, just watch and see.
There will be a new wave, a wave of Glory Sent by Me,

Houses of Prayer everywhere
Pushing back the powers of darkness, pushing back the forces of hell
From these Houses of Prayer shall spring forth the wells,
The wells of My Glory will come

Houses of Prayer everywhere, everywhere,
I will birth and bring forth Houses of Prayer.
I will use to remove the snares, snares of the enemy.
In the days that we’re in it will surely begin, to prepare My bride for the end.

Houses of Prayer will spring up everywhere.
The enemy will need to beware.
My Church will rise up with great force and great strength,
Everywhere, everywhere, everywhere, Houses of Prayer will spring up everywhere,

Everywhere, everywhere, wells of living water, rivers and streams,
Flowing from My House will be, to destroy the works of the enemy.
There will be prayer everywhere. So the enemy should beware.

Great force and great power I will move in this hour.
I will raise up a force that cannot be stopped! And the enemy will be brought down.
In the cities, and in the towns, prayer, prayer, prayer everywhere,
Prayer, prayer, prayer everywhere to prepare My Church, My Bride
Prepare for the day It will arrive.”