God is saying:
“in the midst of famine, I will prepare a feast.
In the midst of chaos and confusion, I will bring peace. For I am peace.
For I am calling My people to come and draw VERY CLOSE to Me.

For all around them, there may be trouble and chaos,
But if they will come in CLOSE to Me, in Me they will find stability.
In the midst of great shaking, in Me they will find security.
I am calling them close to Me, for they cannot put their trust in anything.

For things will reel to and fro, and many will not know which way to go.
But My people must know, this is a time to come to Me.
Come and draw CLOSE.”

“Many have found their joy in outward things, instead of Me.
Their joy and hope must be found in Me.

Joy, joy, joy, joy, joy, joy unspeakable and full of glory will be found in Me.
A joy so full, and joy so free.
Not based on outward things, but only a joy that can be found in Me.”

“So My people must come, they must come, they must come close to Me.
For I am stable like a rock, say the Lord.
I do not change, I cannot be moved.
I am not confused. But I am like a rock.
And those that cling to Me, they will find great peace, great strength, and great stability,
and everlasting joy – shall be upon them.”

“For My people are not to be moved by the weather, or by the economy, or by anything but Me.
They shall not live by outward things,
But they shall live by My Word, which does not change, which does not pass away.”