“It’s a new day, It’s a new day, everything will change.
It’s a new day, It’s a new way,
old things will pass away, old things will die,
for My Church will arise.

Warriors of the light, Warriors of the light,
who know how to stand and fight.
They will not turn away and run till the job is done.”

I see the Lord walking through His Church.
He’s investigating, He’s looking. He’s saying,
“I’ll take you, and you, and you.
I know you’ll follow through,
I know you’ll do what I’m asking of you.”

He’s searching and walking, and He’s saying,
“I’ll take you, and you.”
He’s sifting, He’s sifting,
He’s looking through all the troops.
He’s deciding who will lead.
He’s deciding who will feed His sheep.
He’s making judgments,
who will stand and fight for what is just and right.
Who will turn, run and flee at the sight of the enemy.
He’s sifting and looking.
He’s been testing and trying and watching.

For He’s raising up and army in these last days,
with a fire in their eyes,
full of zeal, unwilling to compromise.
An army who will not tolerate Satan’s lies.
An army with their eyes set on the prize.

He will be raise up certain ones in high places
with very powerful Super weapons.
Entrusted only to those He knows He can trust.
Really close listening to Him…for order of timing, etc.