The horrific night of terror in Paris was for many of us heart wrenching and dreadfully reminiscent of our own 9/11. Many are asking and wondering if America is next.

It’s interesting and even a bit prophetic to note that according to news articles the three gunmen burst into the venue shortly after the California rock band Eagles Death Metal launched into one of their favorite songs, Kiss The Devil.  It is a sad state of affairs knowing these young people were singing this song right before the attack. We would post the song here but the words to it are not worthy to be repeated (yes, that bad).

Kiss the Devil or Kiss the Son
The truth is Satan always represents darkness, deception, sin and death. In contrast, God’s ways and His desire is to bring life and hope, and to show His goodness and His Glory. However, if we insist on embracing satan’s ways – which is rebellion, sin and wickedness as a nation (ie. kissing the devil) then God will gradually and very reluctantly let us go our own way. As we get further from Him, His Word and His presence, the deeper we go into darkness and deception, leaving us open prey for the powers of darkness. Sadly, this is where America is right now, and why God is calling His Church across the nation to their knees in repentance and prayer, beginning with the Pulpits of America.

God’s Character
Because of God’s great love He never lets us go easily, without pleading or crying out for us to turn back to Him and His life giving ways. We see this cry in the “America! America!” prophecy. He knows the devastating wages of sin which is always destruction and eternal death. We pray America will hear His cry, and instead kiss the son of God (Psalm 2:12) ie. turning our hearts and affections towards Christ and all He represents, for He alone is our salvation.

If we reject this precious gift and the only path to life which is Christ, then we have sealed our own fate, as He will force no one and no nation to serve Him. God sends no one to hell, we make that fatal decision ourselves. We choose whom we will serve!

America must wake up and realize what we saw in Paris is merely a shadow of what is coming to our nation if we continue in our rage, rebellion and sin against God.

ISIS, A Real Threat
We simply cannot ignore ISIS most recent threats of an attack on Washington DC, nor their previous threats made on August 18, 2014 and we must also take seriously the Pentagon’s response to these, which is very telling. Following is an excerpt from our book regarding this threat.

Excerpt from God’s Answer for America: Chapter 11 – What’s Coming Next – pg 90.
A recent threat (Aug 18, 2014) came from terrorist group ISIS to America: “We will drown you all in blood”
The Pentagon does not see this as an empty or idle threat, and neither should we! Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel made this alarming statement about ISIS and their Islamic State:

“They are beyond just a terrorist group. They marry ideology, a sophistication of…military prowess. They are tremendously well funded. This is beyond anything we’ve seen”

We share exactly how serious and wide-spread all this could be in Chapter 11, “What’s Coming Next, If…” in our book.

The truth is as a nation the more we reject and rage against God and His righteous ways, the more compromised and vulnerable we become. Because of our perversion, lust and greed we are setting ourselves up for destruction and great defeat! God’s protective hand is being reluctantly withdrawn and it’s only a matter of time, lest we have a Great Awakening,that must begin first in our Churches!.  .

Please know we do not share these things to promote fear but instead to make very clear the warnings God has and is giving us as a nation and what the fruit of our own ways will bring. We share these things in more detail in our book, and also bring great hope and an answer to change everything. God’s Answer for America

God Is On a Rescue Mission!
To Save and Change the soul(s) of our nation, Release and Reveal His Goodness and Glory by bringing America to her knees in the Greatest Awakening ever seen! but God works through His people and we must all hear what the Spirit of God is saying to the Church right now, and what He is asking of us! God doesn’t want us to just pray for mercy, He wants to bring a radical salvation to our nation!!!

Mission Critical: 
Critical to this Mission are 3 Keys we share in our book and the fact that everything must begin with those in the pulpits of America leading the way! The details on how to implement these keys at the local church and national level are in our book. God wants to move and pour out His Spirit in communities and cities all across America…but there is only one way to bring the Great Awakening our nation so desperately needs. God is calling for His leaders (the five-fold ministry/the pulpits) to humbly unite and work as one to lead the way in:

  1. A Baptism of Genuine Repentance:
    This must begin in the pulpits (those called to lead the way), then flow to those in the pews — only then will it flow to the masses – the multitudes.
  2. Church/Nationwide Daily Prayer
    Extreme times call for extreme measures! We must have a Great Paradigm shift in our Churches – God’s house must become a “House of Prayer” all across America. Only then will we see the power and glory of God released into the city streets across America in such a way that the lost souls and prodigals will be brought to their knees by the convicting power of the Holy Spirit! God is just waiting on us!!!! His leaders to follow through and do what He is asking.
  3. Unity – A United Plan
    God is calling His leaders and people to unite as one and implement this very simple plan in churches all across America, then work together to reach the nation, in a concerted effort.

The second half of God’s Answer For America provides greater detail and an action plan for Leaders and for every Church across America.

God is Counting On His Leaders and People to Rise Up and Lead the Way!
A tremendous opportunity stands before God’s leaders and people help to bring America to her knees in the Greatest Awakening ever seen and dramatically change everything, in our churches and our nation.

The future of America is at stake and God is counting on His leaders and people to embrace His answer, to rise up and lead the way into a new day—for one way or another things are about to change.

For more details get the book God’s Answer For America or go to

Together, with God, We Can Change a Nation!

Darrel and Cindy deVille
Shekinah Today Ministries