Preface: The following Word came during a time of prayer. Interestingly, I saw this vision play out like a movie and God revealed to me the details of how He was going to fight supernaturally for His land in this particular battle. I believe this means there will be some type of attempted attack on Israel and Jerusalem.

“For troops will be marching into the land.
But they will march on sinking sand,
For it is My land (speaking of Israel).

Sinking sand.
They will be marching into the land thinking they have the upper hand.
They will not know it, but the ground will become sinking sand.
For I will protect and I will guard My land and My people, for they are Mine.

“Israel, Israel – a land far away.
There will come a day when they will sing and they will dance in the streets, and they will sing of Me.
The one who that have rejected.
The day will come when they will run to Me.
Their eyes wide-open they will see – that I am the Messiah.
The one they have waited for.
The one they have prayed for.
I will stand at the door – Jerusalem – they will let Me in.
They will open their hearts to receive – the Prince of Peace.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
Pray they will open the door and let Me in.
And I will begin to transform them and prepare the way for a brand new day, a new day, a new day….
Pray, pray, pray…”

I hear shells, rockets and guns around the town…
But the Lord would say:
“I will knock them down!
For I surround Jerusalem.
I surround Jerusalem like a shield – all around, all around
All around, I surround the city, the town.”

(Then God Laughed and said)
“I look at them and laugh.
The enemies all around – oh, they think they can bring Me down.
For I guard the gates against those enemies.
I guard the gates – who shall penetrate?
Not an enemy in sight, for I will strike them with blight* and they shall be blinded by Me.

Watch and see – watch Me fight for that which is Mine.
Watch – you’ll see it – in a short time.
The reports will come in ‘The enemies cannot win. They’ve tried and tried and tried again’
Watch and see – many will know it’s Me.
They’ll know it’s Me.
For I will strike the enemy like no weapon can.
And many will talk about it again and again.

Just as Pharaoh fought against Me,
I drowned them all in the Red Sea.
So watch, watch Me, as I defend My armies.
Miraculous things you will see – even on TV they will be – for a sign for all to see,
That this is MY Holy city.

My people must arise, they will take flight.
Some in the middle of the night, some in disguise.”

*Blight in this context means – to impair, frustrate, destruction, ruin.

Then I keep hearing:
“Breaking ground, Breaking ground on the Temple Mound.
On the Temple Mound, a breaking of the ground
a shaking of the ground and all around, on the Temple Mound.
A deep breaking. A violent shaking…”

This aligns with a previous word from 2008:
VISION: About Israel, & the Dome of the Rock Splitting

Note: We do not know if this was literal, symbolic, or perhaps both.
1. I kept seeing what seems like an earthquake shaking Israel…
2. I see the ground breaking, and splitting, where the Dome of Rock is…
3. The Dome of the Rock splitting in half…like some kind of separation or division, even like a wall.
I saw the Dome of the Rock like it was broken in half, ruined, and destroyed. It seemed the earthquake split the whole Dome of the Rock in half, right down the middle (may be symbolic).