Preface: God is uttering His Voice before His army and we need to get in line with His ways and His Word. IT’s TIME Church – God wants to do amazing things in our midst but we MUST cooperate with Him.

It’s a New Day everything is about to change
A Great Positioning
Great Transitioning

This is what the Spirit of God wants to say
I am getting ready to raise up My Church in the earth
I am getting ready to raise her up says the Spirit of God
The one who rules and reigns over all the earth

I will have a glorious Church
I will rise up in the earth through MY Church
And all the earth shall know My name

No longer will My Church bring shame to Me
But My Church will rise up and do glorious works and bring fame to Me
And My name will be lifted high
For I’m getting ready to raise up My Church in the earth
I’m getting ready to raise up My Church in the earth

But before honor there must come humility

The Spirit of God says to the Church
Humble yourself in My sight
Humble yourself before Me
Humble yourself

TURN from Your Sin!
TURN from The World!
And you will SEE My Glory!
And you will SEE Me fulfill every word, every promise
Everything that you have heard Me speak throughout time

For this is a NEW DAY says the Spirit of the Lord
This is the day to Turn Away from your idols!
This is the day to Turn Away from every unclean, defiling thing
This is the day for My people to Turn Back to Me

This is a day when I will come to My temple
I will do great works in the midst of My people

Remove every unclean thing says the Spirit of God
Remove from you says the Spirit of God every unclean thing
Everything that is defiling you

As you remove these unclean things
I will move – closer, closer, closer to you
For there are things between you and Me
There are things that have been standing in the way
Things that you have allowed
Things that you have embraced
Things that have chased Me away

Each step away from the unclean thing
Will be a step towards Me
A step closer to My glory

For I have already bought and paid for you
with the precious blood of My Son
So run to Me and put away the unclean things

For you have been defiled – by the Media
You have opened up your Heart
You have opened up My Temple
You have opened up your Ears and your Eyes
To all uncleanness
You have allowed yourself to be exposed
To be seduced by the spirit of this World

The sexual sin that has entered into My Temple
Has entered in with great measure
The enemy has come to defile you
The enemy has come to destroy you
The enemy has come to pervert to twist and destroy
But you have exposed yourself, you have opened yourself
Close the door!

Shut the gate!
Let nothing else in!
Shut The Gate!
YOU have opened the door, You have flipped the switch, You have let it in
You have exposed yourself
You must Shut the Door
You must Close the Gate

I will hold you accountable
For what You allow and what You disallow
You will stand before Me
And you will give an account
For your family

You are the gate keeper
You are the watchman of your soul
With all diligence and vigilance guard your heart and mind
Let only that which is clean and pure before Me, come into My Temple

So humble yourself under My mighty hand
Humble yourself, humble yourself, humble yourself

REPENT of your wickedness, for this is wicked before Me
Repent of your sin – Turn from it

For I’ve called My people to expose the darkness
I’ve called My people to be filled with light
But many of My people cannot expose the darkness
Because they are filled with darkness
They have allowed that darkness to come in
Into their mind, into their will, into their emotions
Through what they have listened to
Through what they have gazed upon
Through what they have received
Through what they have communed with
They have communed with the darkness of this world
I am calling them out of darkness into My marvelous light

Be separate says the Spirit of the Lord
Touch not the unclean thing
and I will come to you.”

Then I saw this door and gates through the Media
The Media has been a conduit, a channel of Satan