Preface: Last night (May 19th) as we prayed for insight, we believe God spoke to us regarding this situation and how to pray. While the United Nations may vote for the dividing of Jerusalem to take place, we believe God will not allow it to be completed, and will do what is necessary to protect what belongs to Him.

“For I shall stand beside that which is Mine.
I shall watch over that which is Mine, says the Lord.
And the Lord says, they shall not be able to complete,
That which they are determined to do – to My Holy City, to My Holy land.
No, they shall not be able to complete, but I will bring them a great defeat.
For when they stand against My Holy City – they stand against Me.
My people shall see a victory.

For I have placed a king upon the throne (Prime Minister Netanyahu),
And he will not bow down, he will not give up what is his own.
For it belongs to Me, says the Lord, and I will fight for that which is Mine.
No, says the Lord, they will not be able to complete.
But, they will experience defeat, says the Lord.
For I will stand and protect that which is Mine.
The Holy City, the apple of My eye.

There are those who wish to throw My people away,
But this I say, says the Lord, they will pay. They will pay.

‘Push them, push them, get them out of the way.’
That’s what I hear them say, says the Lord.
But know this – they will pay, they will pay.

For I will protect that which is Mine,
As I have done throughout time.”

Then I see Prime Minister Netanyahu, like a tenacious bulldog or pit bull with a spiked collar,
standing and protecting. God has placed him there for this time.

Then God spoke:
“Netanyahu, he knows what he will do.
He will not be pushed aside
He will not let the boundaries slide.
But he will stand and he will fight.”

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
Not that a piece should be given away.
Not a piece of My land.
But peace – My way.
Pray that peace will come My way, says the Lord.
My way, My way.

The peace of Jerusalem will not come by piecing Jerusalem.”