“The King is coming.
It’s time to prepare the way.

The King is coming.
So do not be swayed, do not be shaken,
Do not be overtaken by the darkness in your day.
There shall be and there has been a falling away.
But know all things are in alignment with My Word.
That which I have spoken,
That which I have written, through My servants and My prophets.
Do not be overwhelmed, do not be shaken,
Do not be overtaken by the darkness,
For I am in control, says the Lord.
I have appointed and set times.

You can rest and trust in Me, and know that all things shall be as I have said they will be.
Just keep your eyes on Me.
Keep your eyes on Me.
I have all power and authority.
I rule over the nations.
I rule over creation.

Yes, there are things that I allow, but I’ve not lost control.
And YOU need to know.
You are not losing this battle, just follow Me, do as I say,
Keep your eyes fixed on Me.
For many in My Church have lost heart, have lost hope,
finding it hard to cope with the darkness and the wickedness they see.
But you need to know – I am in control.

Keep your eyes on Me.
Keep your eyes on the victory,
and know that all of these things must be.
There are things that are ordered by Me.
There are plans and strategies I have in place and you need to trust Me, says the Lord.
And you need to rejoice!
Rejoice in the victory!

Don’t look at the darkness and say ‘we’ve lost, we’re overcome, they’ve overtaken’
No, No. No.
As I’ve said, everything will be shaken.
But YOU are to be overtaken by ME.
Overtaken and overwhelmed by My Glory,
not the wickedness, not the evil, not the darkness.
So take your eyes off that – put your eyes on Me.

Tell My people – they need to change what they see
Tell them -–They need to look at Me. They need to look at My glory.
For if their eye be single they will be filled with light,
they will also be filled with My strength and My might.
When they look at the darkness and the wickedness they feel defeat.
Tell them they need to look at Me – fix their eyes on Me – for I am in control.
And I have given them the victory!”

We, the Church, must change our mindset!