Preface: This goes hand in hand with “Pray America, Pray” and other similar words. The turning of our nation must begin with God’s people, the Church, and her leaders. 2 Chron. 7:14.

“For I am preparing to come in such a way, says the Lord of Glory.
I am preparing to come in such a way. In your day! In your day!
I will but breathe upon your nation.
I will but breathe upon My Church.
I will begin to move in cities throughout this land.
Mayors of cities will come and bow before Me as they see Me move.
For surely this will be a time of great happenings.

For a nation has looked to a man for hope,
But he can bring them no hope.
For I am their only hope.
And I will show this nation, that I am the only way.
I am their only hope.
For without Me they cannot cope. They cannot stand.
I am the ONLY way, says the Lord.

And as My people pray, those who have been faithful to Me,
Those who have been set apart for Me, and those who have prayed.
They shall see Me move across this land in such a way,
That will far exceed the prayers that they have prayed.
I am preparing to move in such a way, in such a way, in such a way….

If My people will pray.
If they will come before Me.
If they will repent, and come before Me as One.
Then I will bring this nation to it’s knees.
Then I will cause them to see that I am their only hope.”

I see cities. I see Mayors of cities and Governors coming.
They are going to come to the Lord.

“And Governors of states, they cannot find a way.
They will come to Me. On bended knee, they will come to Me,
As they see Me move across this land.
It will be by My mighty hand. I will bare My arm.

These are My plans, says the Lord.
This is how I desire to move upon this land.
But My people must pray.
They must come to Me.
They must cry out to Me, night and day.

For this is a work of My Spirit.
There is no other way it can be done.
But prayer – crying out to Me says the Lord, the Holy One. The Holy One.
Then you will see all that you have desired done.
Then My Church will see all that she’s worked so hard to accomplish, completed by Me,
As I am moved by the prayers of the saints.”

(interlude – praying)

Soul of a Nation Turns – If…
“What I do, says the Lord, it will be real. It will be real.
It will not be just a feeling or an outward thing that you see.
But this work is going to go deep.
As the prayers of My saints go deep.
And the intercession is deep.
This will go deep and take root.
And you will see the fruit of it, as a nation turns.
As it turns to Me.

As the soul of this nation turns, you will begin to see other things turn.
Things that have been lost thru the years.
You will see them turn. You will see them turn.
Back, back, back to the foundations.
Back to teaching creation.
You will see it turn.
You will see it turn, says the Spirit of God.
You will see it turn.

Yes, says the Lord – I can bring a nation to it’s knees.
Yes, says the Lord – I can turn a nation back to Me.
Yes, says the Lord – I can restore the foundations of previous generations.
All of these things I can do, And I can do them for you – if you will pray.
If you will come and cry out to Me, with great yearning, and great fervency.
Yes, Come to Me, and I will do ALL of these things.
If My Church will come, and repent, and pray,
She will see a new day in this land!”

As the Lord mentioned above, this Great Awakening will also eventually lead to a righteous reformation, back to the godly foundations. It’s time for the Church to stand up – repent, unite and pray as never before.