Preface: This came hours after the Boston Marathon Terrorist Bombing, during a time of Prayer on April 15, 2013.

“Covering, covering, covering – a canopy of protection over you.
That is My blessing, My blessing upon you.
When My blessing is upon a nation, says the Lord, My covering is over it.
There’s a canopy of protection I set over it, when My blessing is upon a nation.

That canopy, that covering, that blessing is removed when I am removed, says the Lord.
For when I am not there, all that remains is curse.
For I am the redeemer.
I have not come to condemn, but to save.
I have come to redeem you from the curse.
I have come to bring life, and not to bring death, says the Lord.
But when you remove Me, says the Lord, you remove My redemptive qualities,
And nothing else remains but the curse of sin.

No shield, no mercy, no Me.
When you remove Me, says the Lord, you remove My hand of mercy.
You remove the covering, you remove the canopy.
And no longer are you shielded, no longer are you protected.
This is why you must come back to Me.
Come back under that canopy.

Oh, America I cry out to you.
Come back under My wings, My wings of protection.

When your ways please Me, says the Lord,
I will make even your enemies to be at peace with you. (Prov 16:7)
I’m telling you what to do, because I want to help you,
I want to cover you, I want to protect you.

Do not reject or resist My ways,
For I have put them in place to help you, to bless you, to protect you.
But you are listening to the lies of the enemy, just as with Eve in the garden.

But at the garden of Gethsemane, and at the cross,
I made a way to redeem and bring you back to Me.
You can come back, America, you can come back to Me.
Just bow your knee and say,
‘Yes, Lord. Come and be my covering. Come and be my covering.
Come and be my God once again, I want to make you my friend.’

I’m right here waiting, for I will not force Myself upon you.
But I’ll be quick to come, I’ll be quick to run,
When I hear your voice crying out for Me – the Prince of Peace.
When I see you on bended knee – turning your face once again to Me – I will run to you.
I will run.”