See the related prophetic words: Things Will Intensify and Days of Wonder, Days of Dread.

“Many will hear, and many will begin to see.
And many, many will begin to fear Me.
They will hear, and they will see, and they will fear Me.

My Church she must be ready,
She must be ready to give an answer.
She must be ready to show the way in the upcoming days.
For many will be crying out.
Many will be fearful and afraid.
Wondering – ‘What will happen today? Will I live or will I die?’

And they will say – ‘Who is this One true God?
Show us the way. Show us the way.
For we fear, we fear what is coming upon us today.
Show us the way.’

My Church, she must be ready, she must be ready.
For many will be looking for an answer.
Many will be looking for a light to show them the way.
As we enter into darker days.
My Church must rise up, and she must be ready to lead and show the way.

For many will see and know they are not in control,
As things everywhere seem to be out of control.
And they will want to know who is in control.
‘Who is the God of all the earth?
Who is the one who reigns?
Who is this one who knows My name?
Who is He?
Lead me, lead me, lead me to Him.’

For institutions and things will crumble.
And many in the dark will fumble.
All that they have trusted in and looked to, will no longer be.
And this is when they will start looking for Me.

So My Church must be ready – to tell them the truth.
She must be ready.
She cannot be afraid,
But she must be bold and courageous – in the upcoming days.
For many, many, many are racing towards the path to hell.
My Church, she must rise up and she must tell – she must tell the truth!
For there will be blood on her hands if she remains silent.
For she must speak – for the sake of eternity.
Souls, souls, souls – racing toward hell.

You MUST tell My Church.
You must warn her.
She must warn them.
And she must speak the truth.
For nothing else will do.”