Preface: God is in the process of setting everything up for these last days and a great end-time harvest. While it will get very dark, God’s glory will arise upon His people. The greatest days of the Church are ahead! See previous message for 2009.

…The nations, the nations are in confusion,
For they are covered with strong delusion, strong delusion.

There shall be more chaos and there shall be more confusion,
There shall be more darkness, and delusion.

For the nations are but a drop in the bucket to Me.
And I see their ways.
But until they acknowledge Me, nothing will turn or change you see.
They are so weak and they are so frail.
And all of their efforts will only fail.
But it’s My word alone and My plans alone that shall prevail

For they all want Me to serve them.
To serve their purposes, to serve their plans, to serve their agendas.
I am not God to them, even in My Church.
They want to be god.
And by their actions they’ve said that I am not.
With their words they say, that I am their God, but by their actions they say – I am not, I am not.
I will have none of this anymore. I will not have it.

For I am the God of all the earth.
I am the Lord and the head of My Church.
I am coming with great demonstration and power.
I will show them who I truly am this hour.
And they will see Me.
And they will fear Me.
They will tremble at My presence.
For I will not hold back.

Nations will shake and they will tremble,
And they will reel to and fro, wandering like a blind man which way they should we go.
Those who call out to Me, and those who acknowledge Me, they will know.
They will know which way to go and they will lead the nations.

For I will cause them to see the way.

I will cause them to LEAD the way.
These are My plans, and nothing will be able to stand against them.

Those who have been faithful to Me, they will rise up, and they will walk in My glory.
You will see, you will see it come.And the enemy will come undone,
He will run, in terror he will run. In terror, in terror he will run.

And all the earth shall know My name.
Just as I displayed My glory in Egypt, and all of Egypt knew My name.
All of Egypt knew My power.

And all the earth shall fear Me
As My servants bring Me fame.
Just as Moses did, he lifted up My holy name.
For all the world to see – the Lord God Almighty!”