Preface: One night in prayer the Lord was reminding us that He sees everything ahead, and to keep our eyes fixed on Him. Then came the following vision…

It seemed we were wearing night vision goggles like in the military – as if we were in special forces. It was very dark out and no one else could see, but we could see what was going on and what needed to be done.

I believe God was showing me that as we pray, obey and stay focused He will show us the way – we cannot go by how things look – because it’s dark, the night goggles represent the leading of the Holy Sprit. He sees everything that is ahead of us – we are going to have to be led by the Holy Spirit.

Days later this came…

I see:
The Church has been in and is entering into a time when things are going to be dark outside. They have been, but we are entering into a time when things will intensify.

Then I heard:
“You will need to have Night Vision.
You will need to see clearly, even though all around you it may be dark.

This is a time to draw very close to Me.
This is a time to hear My heartbeat.
You cannot be led by what you see, or cannot see.
But you must be led by Me, you must be led by My Spirit.
As you draw close to Me, I will cause you to hear My voice.
For there is much deception in the land, many illusions.

Many things appear one way, but are really another.

But My Spirit will lead you and guide you into all truth.
You must walk and live by My Spirit, by My Word.
My Word shall be a lamp unto your feet, it shall be a light unto your path.

For things will change rapidly.
One day things will be a certain way, and another day they’ll change and they’ll be another way.

You cannot make decisions by how things look, or how they appear, or even by what you hear.
For that which you see today, may be gone tomorrow.
That which you base your decisions on today by what you see and hear and feel,
May be gone tomorrow.

So this is a time you must draw near to Me, you must draw close to Me.
Close enough to hear My Voice clearly.
For My Word says that even in these days the very elect could be deceived.
So I’m calling you My children – draw close, draw close to Me.
And let My Word be your compass.
Let My Word be your rock.
Let My Word be your guide.

You CANNOT go by how things appear.
You cannot move by what you hear from the world.
I SEE ALL things.
I see the beginning, I see the end.
I see every hidden thing.
I see everything, and only I can guide and walk you through.
Only I can keep you, but you MUST stay close enough to Me.

For gross darkness will cover the earth.
But My Glory will rise upon thee, and I will cause you to see.
My Glory will rise upon those who draw near, that draw close to Me.
My Glory will rise upon thee.


When it is night and when it is dark outside, you cannot see.
You cannot see the snares or the traps that have been laid out.
But I will give you vision in the night – I will give you Night Vision.
My Word will be that lamp, it will go before you, and light the path, so you can see.
When there’s darkness all around I will be light to thee.
Draw close to Me.

For your enemy has set many traps and many snares, and all of them I am aware.
I know where they have been planted.
If you will stay close to Me, and seek Me, and listen to Me, and follow Me, and obey Me,
I will keep your feet from being snared.

You must shut out all other voices and let My Word and My Spirit be your guide.
You must cast all other voices aside.
It is MY voice you must hear.
it is My voice you must know.
It is My voice that will lead you, and guide you, and show you which way to go.

For you can trust Me, because I see everything.
I will lead you to the finish line.
It will be right on time, for you are Mine.
You are Mine, you are Mine.

You must take this seriously, for your enemy is not playing games.
For he is out to destroy your lives.
He is out to destroy My people.
He is viciously attacking them at every hand.
He knows we’re close to the end.

So tell My people – they MUST Draw Close to Me.
Closer than ever before.
They must abide underneath the shadow of My wings.
There – they will be protected from everything.
There – they can rejoice and sing.
There – they can rest.

Night Vision, Night Vision, Night Vision.
Precision and right decisions.
I will give you Night Vision.
You will see in the night.
You will see by the light of My word and by My Spirit.
You will know where the land mines are, you will know where not to go.
And I will show you where the provision is.
You will see as you stay close, very close to Me.

Those who stay close to Me – will walk in and they will experience great victory.
But those who stay distant will not be able to see clearly, and many of them will be deceived.
For they have believed the illusions and the lies.

So tell My people to Draw Close to Me.
Tell them, not to be moved by what they see or hear.
But they are to be led, by My Word and by My Spirit instead.

Those who are My sons and daughters, will be led by Me,
Not by what their natural eyes can see.
They must know that I see all things everything, every hidden thing.
And they can trust Me to lead them in the right path.
The straight path, the narrow path – that leads to life.

My Spirit will lead you and guide you into all truth.
So you will know exactly what to do.”