This relates to many past words to do with America, the Church and Leaders in God’s House.

“It is My hand that has held back the enemies from your land.
It has been My hand that has held them back.
But if you do not heed My voice, if you do not hear Me,
If My Church does not hear Me.
If My Church will not acknowledge Me.
If this land will not hear Me and acknowledge Me.
Then the enemies they will come in.
They will come ashore, they will come ashore, they will come ashore.
They already have the plans in place.
They await to come and disgrace America.

You shall see cells rise up in your land,
You shall see war from shore to shore,
If I remove My hand of protection from you.
These are not things I desire to do, says the Spirit of God.

The sin in your land, is great, it is great.
The sin in My Church, it is great.
Even many of those that lead
Those that feed My sheep, many are in gross sin.
They’ve opened the door, they’ve let it in.
Just as you see, as the political leaders of your land,
Much adultery, much sin, much perversion, much greed.
So these are in the lives of those who lead My sheep.
Many are trying to cover them up.
But I will come by My Spirit and expose, so everyone knows, says the Spirit of God.

For I am going to great lengths in these days, says the Spirit of the Lord,
To wake up. To shake you up.
To turn you back to Me.
To keep you from the destruction I see right before you,
If you continue to move – in the path you have set, in the ways you are going.
Destruction is imminent. Destruction will be.
There is not other way, but to turn back to Me, says the Spirit of God.
No other way.”