“A Great Awakening
A Great Awakening
A Great Awakening is coming to our shores
A Great Awakening, more and more will awake as I shake the nation.
A Great Awakening, and many will come to me
And many on bended knee I see
And they will come and they will say,
Please show me the way
Show me how to be saved.
Show me the way.

Many, will come and they’ll bow down before Me says the Lord
From Shore to Shore. From sea to shining sea
I see them bowing their knee, I see them coming back to me.
For your labor has not been in vain
Through all the trials and all the pain
Through all the tears and all the years
All the prayers

When you think, I did not hear, through all the years
For the prayers of the saints, making a way for a new, a brand new day!
So do not be afraid of what’s to come, just know My will, it will be done.
I will bring your nation to its knees
I will turn it back to Me.

For I have heard the prayers of My people.
I, says the Lord, have stirred their hearts to pray
I am the one who wants to bring a new day
So I have stirred the hearts of My people
I have caused you to hear My cries, so you would come and cry out to Me day and night.

Continue to pray, press into Me, cry out to me night and day,
Continue in faith and know that I hear you.
I am moving, and I’ll do what I have promised you.

For would I plant this seed in you, and allow it to grow, like a baby in the womb, and not bring it forth.

Continue to pray, pray at noon, pray at noon each day.
Continue to cry out, and you will see this awakening delivered, like a baby hidden in the womb, it will come forth and all will see it!

You have been giving birth to a Great Awakening! “