Preface: Following our 12:00 prayer time today, the Lord began to prophecy again with great authority:

“Let the Voice of My People be heard.
Tell them to Proclaim My Truth, My Word!
No more will My people run into the closet and hide.
But, I will provide a platform and a place.
I shall give them a voice that they will raise,
and they shall declare My Word, My truth
and a nation will be set free from the lies of the enemy!

For the enemy has perpetrated His lies,
but now, he will be the one who will run and hide.
Into the closet to lick his wounds.
For My Glory is coming, its coming soon.
Continue, continue to pray at noon, at noon each day!

Tell everyone, everywhere, it is their prayers that will prepare and make the way!
It is the prayers of the saints, night and day, that will cause the enemy to run away.
It is the prayers that will stop his deceitful lies, it is the prayers that will turn the tide!

Tell them, don’t let up or give in, for they are about to win a great victory.
Tell them to keep their eyes on Me, for I have the power to change everything!”