July 6, 2016

Preface: We have so many great things we want to share about the “Glorious Church” message and book we are preparing! However, in obedience we are compelled to share the following, in hopes God’s leaders and people will heed God’s Clarion Call. For one way or another we will all be affected.

We always enjoy celebrating the 4th of July with family and friends, but, this year there was a greater sense of weightiness because of the dire condition and course of our beloved nation. We believe the prophetic words we share here provide insight for the days ahead, including the 2016 Election and beyond. (Much of this was shared June 5th and 8th in our ENews and Video that came just days before the Orlando massacre tragedy). While these include weighty content we know God can work all these things together for good and His purposes, even through His judgments, which ultimately come to deal with sin and restore righteousness (Isa. 26:9).

Urgent Warnings – Part 1

This past year we have spoken much of the Great Awakening God wants to bring to America and what He is requiring of His people before we will see it. We had chosen to focus more on the positive aspects of what God has been saying since many tend to reject anything that sounds severe or unpleasant. We understand no one likes to hear what sounds like “bad news” but God is always working towards the greater good and these warnings come not to condemn but rather to “save and awaken” in order to turn America from her path of great sin and self-destruction.

Then, on May 16th, the Lord spoke clearly to us regarding this:

“You cannot just promise them a Great Awakening, I need you to warn them for Me…They need to understand what’s coming if they do not listen to Me. You must do it with a sense of urgency, like a state of emergency!”

Then the Lord said there are dark, dark days ahead for America (and the nations). He expounded by saying that the closer we move into the elections, closer to November – September, October, November…There will be a Shaking, lots of Manipulating, of lots of things. This could possibly include the election itself.

Note: America’s path is leading to — great civil unrest, blood and war in our streets, economic collapse, greater natural disasters, and more (See details of what and why in the first half of our book, God’s Answer For America).

The Lord continued: “Do not second guess, there will be turmoil, there will be stress – don’t second guess Me – for I see what will be. Don’t let your desires cloud reality, don’t let your own desires mask the reality of what I see….”

This relates to the “reality” that is before us and the proper perspective His people must have moving forward. In our desire as Christians to see the goodness and glory of God in our nation, we must all be careful not to let that desire cloud the reality of what may need to take place before we actually see a Great Awakening.

Proper Perspective: Facing Reality
We’ve often heard the expression “How do you see the glass – half-full or half-empty?” Usually those who see the glass “half-full” are considered optimistic versus those that see the glass “half-empty” are considered pessimistic (even prophets of doom). The “reality” and truth is the glass is BOTH half-full and half-empty. The Lord related this to America – for the future of America some see Great Awakening (half-full), others see judgment and destruction (half-empty), the reality and truth is it appears it will be BOTH (See Urgent Warning Part 2 below). This even relates to the end times when we will see both glory and judgment as foretold by Holy Scripture (Isa. 60:1-2; Hag. 6-9; Joel 2:28-31; Rev 19). In relation to all this, we share the following and a 2nd Urgent Warning.

Has America Crossed a Threshold?

There comes a time when a nation reaches a threshold of great sin (a tipping point) that causes a shift, and brings about severe consequences. Based on what God has recently spoken to us (some we share here) we are concerned America has crossed this threshold. As a nation, not only have we rejected God and His righteous ways but we have mocked Him and plunged deeper into sin, celebrating as we shake our fist at Him. Have we become so hardened, that it may now require a breaking, and uprooting wrought by divine judgment in order to then rebuild and make new. This in itself is the mercy of God!

We are reminded of Jeremiah 18:4 – “The jar he was making did not turn out as he had hoped, so he crushed it into a lump of clay again and started over (NLT).” We must understand that God’s judgments are redemptive, they come to awaken, to deal with evil and restore righteousness – which our nation desperately needs. We share more details about this below regarding the remaining of 2016 and beyond.

Urgent Warnings – Part 2

The following word is actually speaking about the Christian leaders and pastors and what He has been saying to them. Unfortunately, in this desperate hour it seems many are going on with church as usual and need to be “awakened” to the severity of what is just before us.

The Lord said:

“Only when they begin to see calamity and chaos in the land will they seek Me and bow their knee and begin to understand what I have been trying to say.

This also aligns with the “Please Warn Them For Me” ENews we sent out on June 5th about the coming “bloodshed, war, and weeping in the streets. For the powers of darkness are being unleashed as much of the Church is fast asleep.” The Lord also said that perversion, lust and greed are overtaking your land. This is why God is saying His Church must rise up, take a stand and lead the way back to Him.

What Has God Been Saying?
Decades of hidden sin, complacency and compromise in the American Church has allowed the kingdom of darkness to invade take root and it has cost our churches and our nation dearly! (See Chapter 5 and 6 for details). This is why God is sending out a Clarion Call!

God’s Clarion Call: God is calling His Leaders and Pastors across America (in every city, in every community) to their knees, to humbly unite and lead the way in genuine repentance and “nation-changing prayer” (Pure, Passionate, and Persistent Prayer)! This nation-changing prayer releases the Spirit and power of God to bring lasting transformation. God is calling His leaders and Churches across America to prepare and align their ways with His and His Word — making God’s House a House of Prayer (for Rivers of Intercession to flow throughout our nation)! Only then will we see God respond, come and pour His presence down upon our churches and upon our nation – bringing our nation to its knees in the Greatest Awakening we have ever seen. It will flow like a massive river – from the pulpit, to the pew, to the multitudes!

Note: Although we have trumpeted this message through our website, ENews, videos, social media and our book, we know we must keep speaking, even though people tire of hearing it. It is because God specifically instructed us not to stop until we see His leaders and people not only hear it, but respond on a massive scale.

The  sobering alternative is we will instead see the increase of calamity, chaos, and weeping in our streets because that is the path America is on (See more details WHY here). The only way to avert or mitigate what is coming this fall and beyond is by God’s leaders uniting and working as one as described above. We actually have laid out a plan exactly HOW this can be done in Chapter 24 of our book.

Imagine – 1,000 of God Leaders Taking The Next Step!

It was encouraging to hear of the thousand Christian Leaders and mega-church Pastors who out of concern for our nation, came together to meet with current presidential nominee Donald Trump. Most realize while the President’s role is important – turning this nation around from the brink of disaster will take much more than a political solution but rather a divine solution that goes to the root of the problem!

Many have looked to a President for hope and change, but the truth is the real hope and change America desperately needs begins with God, and His church, the body of Jesus Christ. For what we (the church) do or don’t do at this pivotal time in history will determine the course of this nation—either the collapse and destruction of America or the greatest awakening ever seen.

Now imagine what might happen…if these thousand mega-church Pastors and Christian Leaders also united under ONE plan of action and churches across America began implementing the divine solution we call God’s Answer For America. We believe it would bring such a dramatic shift in our churches and begin changing everything including the destructive course of our nation. For changing our nation for the better does not start in the White House – it starts in God’s House with YOU – His Leaders! Again, Chapter 24 in of our book shows HOW this can be done!

Has The Time For Awakening Come?
We also heard of a recent Prophetic declaration from April 29, 2016, “…the Time for Awakening has come.” We believe is is TIME for the Pulpits (& Pews) to Awaken and ALIGN with what God is saying must be done to bring the Great Awakening from coast to coast! We believe God’s “timetable” for a Great Awakening “has come” but for us to see the fullness of it will require God’s Leaders and People aligning with what God is saying will bring a nation-shaking Great Awakening that will dramatically change changing our nation. We believe this is also a time of Preparation for Visitation. It’s a time for internal investigation, from the pulpit to the pew! (See more details here)

As we have shared previously, God may have to allow some things to happen to “awaken” God’s leaders and people to what He is saying must be done in order to turn America back to Him, as described in our book and website: GodsAnswerForAmerica.org.

An Historic Opportunity – Start Today!

An historic opportunity stands before us all! Let us no longer delay and wait for calamity and chaos and war in our streets before we are motivated to do what must be done (align with God’s instructions! So let us unite now – for together, with God, we can change the course of our nation.

How Do We Begin?

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Note: Much of this Prophetic Perspective came mid-May 2016 and was shared (under the direction of the Lord) in our ENews (June 5) and Video (June 8).