I kept hearing over and over again…
There’s going to be like a Rebirth of the Church in the earth.
Like in the book of Acts.

It’s almost as though the Church had died.
Almost as though it’s been beaten and bruised, crucified.
There’s going to be a Rebirth.

A Rebirth of the Church in the earth.
It will not be like the Church that the world has seen.
It will be like a whole new Church.
A Rebirth. Like something new.
The Glorious Church.
A Rebirth.

It will be like her coming out of a Cocoon.
She going to shed her old skin, be fresh and new.
Going to glorify God.

The Church will rise, rise, rise.
Then He’s going to come and get her in the sky.
He’s going to come.
Her work will be done and complete.
She’ll take her seat at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.