“It’s a new day, everything’s going to change.
Everything’s going to change.
Those that will turn back to Me and come in close to Me.
I will restore everything that the enemy has taken from you.
This I will do, says the Lord.
I will show you My goodness.
I will show you My glory.
Just as with the prodigal son,
I will kill the fatted calf.
I will rejoice and celebrate in your coming back.
I will remove all the stains,
And I will remove all the pain.
For those who bow their knee in repentance and turn back to Me,

So many walking in defeat,
Turn to Me—I will give you victory, victory. Sweet victory.”
“I want to fight for you.
I want to fight for you, but you’ve turned away and gone astray,
and you have become prey for the enemy,
now, all you know  is defeat.
But if you will turn back to Me, I will bring you great victory.
It will be sweet.
I will restore you.
I will repair the broken places, the broken hearts.
I will heal and restore you and make all things new.
For this is a new day, and it’s time for everything to change.
But you must turn around.
Turn your face to Me and turn your back on the enemy.
Cast off the yoke of slavery, turn to Me.”