Preface: On December 13, 2007 during a time of prayer with my husband and our son, Joshua, the Spirit of God came upon me in a very intense way. It was as though I were physically demonstrating what was going to happen. It was as if I were a scale – one arm straight up as the other went to the ground – this went back and forth several times as He spoke. Although this seems very unusual, in studying the Prophets of old, we find at times they physically demonstrated what God was about to do in the earth. The following word also came….

“Economies, they will shift and they will turn,
one day one way, another day another way – shifting sands.
Shifting, shifting…One day one way, another day another way. Shifting, sifting…hah…

All that they have trusted in, it shall shift, it shall spin.
It shall shift, till no one knows the way.

To all the experts they will turn…to the experts they will turn
and nothing, nothing, nothing will be learned.
For I will shift and I will turn.
Like a drunkard it will be unstable, unsettled, uncertain.

Many, many, many, many will turn to Me,
looking for the truth, looking for stability.
I will be a fortress in the midst of a storm,
I will keep them safe, I will keep them warm.

Shifting, shifting, sifting, sifting, lifting, lifting…
I will lift up My people, I will lift them up, I will lift them up, I will lift them up.
I Am the Way, and I Am the Truth, and I Am the Light.*

All things were created by Me and for Me, and all things will serve My purpose, all things.
All things shall seem to come undone, till the whole world knows I Am the only one.
I Am the One true God, and I reign and rule over all.
The One true God, the One true God
Nothing will be able to stop Me. Nothing.”

*Note: this was not a direct quote of John 14:6. We believe the Lord spoke “…I Am the Light” because He is the light of the world, a Light when times are dark. He is amazing.