As time draws nearer and nearer  we will hear the call to put aside and put away frivolous things, and focus on the Kingdom of God. As the Lord gave me this word, I kept seeing a signet ring, which represented all the authority of the Kingdom of God

“It’s a time to prepare the Bride. A time to put away frivolous, frail, and useless things.
Those things, says the Lord, that mean nothing to Me.
This is a time when I call My Bride inside, to come close, close to Me.

A time to clothe herself with humility, to come before Me on her knees.
Then I will clothe her in garments of splendor and place upon her hand a signet ring, representing My Kingdom.
And she will go forth wearing My signet ring – declaring ‘The Kingdom of God is at hand!’
She will look upon her hand and remembering the ring, knowing that she is married to the King.
And she will go forth in My name decreeing a thing, and it shall be done.

My Kingdom will come.
And all the power and force of the kingdom will be with her, as she wears My ring,
signifying she is devoted and married to Me. All that I have is hers.

As she comes in very close to Me — garments of glory, garments of splendor will be placed upon her. She will go forth with a scepter and ring representing Me in the earth, releasing My Kingdom, preparing My Church.”

In the days ahead we believe we will hear more and more the “Gospel of the Kingdom” – the literal coming Kingdom of Christ to the earth to rule and reign, and all that includes. For Matthew 24:14 says, “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.”